Best practices sampler w/ kind of bank?

Hi there,
I tried to find information about that here & there but not easy, actually.

I’d like to know if I could use some chains of the ER301 for setting up an unit (sampler player I guess) that could play samples (even very long ones) in response to my triggers and in which I could change the current sample "loaded“ (sorry if that is not the right term here for thr ER301) by using CV.

That could be a chains (or a couple of chain) in my ER301. I’d dedicate these others to other processes.

Basically, :

  • 1 pulse should trigger my sample
  • 1 CV should trigger the unit to load (or switch) another sample etc.

I’m thinking about drum kits, but not only this.
That is more for long samples (I trigger and I let it evolving) but I could

I read that a lot of people put all required samples in one file, slicing each part and when they need the slice 5, they apply the right voltage, it selects the right slice and a pulse can start the playing


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are you saying that you dont want to slice up one big sample and do it that way?

there are probably a ton of approaches. You could certainly use a sample or native player per sample as well, and then have VCAs or the bump map scanner approach to feed one particular sample through.
Joe’s sequential switch might have some play as well.

perhaps its all gonna come down to a couple other criteria.
first question…
Would you ever play more than one sample at a time?

yes unfortunately theres no way to have a folder of samples and then select each sample with CV.
You have to prepare a long sample in advance and then set slice points and then address those with CV’s.
There has been talk on the forum of this type of functionality possibly appearing one day, hopefully when the SDK is finally available there will be more chance of the sampling side of things being developed more, as there will potentially be more people creating new functionality than just an overtaxed Brian!

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Currently, I’d use this as one sample at a monophonic sampler, yes.
Actually, having 2 channels grouped for playing a stereo samples at a time and the 2 others for other processing could be perfect.

BUT, I should maybe aim at another module especially for this purpose. Indeed, “locking” 2 channels of ER301 only for that is maybe … a shame :grimacing:

Reading from the card each time wouldn’t be the best option compared to a “buffer” in memory.
The one sample sliced could be okay.
I just have to figure out how to select this or that slice. The “selector” will be automated from MIDI CC converted to Voltage. so… I guess there are some videos of guys doing this here…

But… anyway… maybe I should look at some sampler module too. Got 2 RadioMusic, Maybe TipTop ONE got less latency in case of super precise accuracy needs.

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So the 12TET trigger mode would be best.
EDIT : it would be if you were using notes, not CCs.

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Actually, that would be perfect and I can use Notes, yes. It makes one more trigger on the sequencer side (and maybe, I’ll use Program Change on sequencer side probably. and will convert that into note into voltage, probably. Depending on the sequencer chosen… still in progress on that part)