Best Practise for sequencing drums from a single gate

Hey everyone,

Im having a little trouble trying to work out how to create some drum patterns. Im not after anything too complex, just a basic 4/4 rhythm. Im sending in a single gate signal that is the bass drum. What I’m trying to do next is get a division for the snare and a multiplication for the hats. Will probably need some off beats too.
Ive tried the tap tempo unit but it doesn’t seem to sync very well or stop when I stop my master clock.
Any suggestions to achieve this?

Did you feed your master clock to both the tap and sync inputs? The Tap Tempo unit is a free-running oscillator so it will drift unless you keep it synced.

In this case, you would use the stop signal and a VCA unit to block/unblock the output of the Tap Tempo.

I like using multiple Clocked Delay units (both in series and in parallel) to build rhythms from a single clock.

You might want to also look at sequencing units provided in packages like Accents and Lojik.


Thank you so much!
I actually don’t have Lojik installed so that should fix up my issues. The euclidean unit is what I’m after.
Thank you for your quick response!

Alternatively you can record gate patterns to use as trigger sources, just clocked less frequently (for example 1 measure). You can get variation from a simple gate recording by modulating the slice parameter.

Edit: just thinking out loud really. I know I’ve tried this as an experiment and remember it working. Wouldn’t say it’s a “best practice” or anything. I’d be more likely to use Lojik’s Euclid unit. Tons of fun.

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Lacking a stop signal, you could feed your clock input into a slew limiter (falling only) with the slew time set to your desired “time out” value, then plug that into a comparator which holds the VCA open. In this way the presence of your clock signal would be the start/stop control.