Best Sampling Techniques

I’m digging er-301 and I wonder how many ways to sample incoming signals from external instruments or microphones we have.

At the moment I have a Dub Looper at the beginning of my chain, sharing the buffer with some Manual Grains which I find is a pretty good starting point.

I’m wondering if could be a good solution to put the Dub Player on a Global chain or it will be more heavy on the CPU.

Also, I’ve not clear in mind the buffer assign part, is there any method to just “scroll” through several buffers in Manual Grains without going through config options, or for example rename the buffers in a way like Live_00x.

Thank so much

Pretty sure there is no way to dynamically change buffers.

As to your other question I don’t see how moving the dub looper into a global chain would have any discernable negative impact on CPU if your refactor ends in the same device count. But don’t take my word for it. Seems like an easy enough thing to just do and see for yourself, no?

Edit: tip you can copy your dub looper and paste into global chain if you want to maintain any subchain mappings you have set to external inputs (won’t maintain any local routings, though).