Best way to scale (external) fader to pitch cv over a certain range of notes only

I am trying to do two things and wonder what is the best way to achieve this.
My set up is a 16n connected to the ER301 and I want to scale the fader output to a set of meaningful notes which I would usually do with the scale quantizer. However I wonder if there is a way to also limit the amount of octaves/notes so that the fader range is more playable.
Basically I am asking: what is the cheapest way to limit the range, let’s say to a max of 12 notes?

If your input signal ranges from 0-5 volts you can attenuate the signal to one fifth its value to get one volt = 1 octave.

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Yup, actually super easy, thanks for helping me find my way.

In the non-301 modular world I do this with a couple of attenuverters, one to scale and one to offset the range, between the sequencer and the quantizer. This gives some cool effects where in a looping sequence the “motion” of the melody stays the same but the actual notes change dramatically depending on the “range”. “Chord progression” can be dialed in with the offset, still keeping the motion consistent and in scale since the quantizer comes after.

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My use case is a couple of sinewaves with different frequencies (some beating, some in weird ratios) and I wanted to make them somehow “playable” to get different clusters. I used a vca to attenuate and a scale quantizer for my scale of choice. Works well and is flexible enough to tweak ranges via the vca, also just by ear or the visual feedback in the scale quantizer.