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Bit of fun with Max 8 & ER301


Using Max 8 for complex phasor control on a number of Manual Loops in the ER301


No idea what you’re doing there but it sure looks and sounds cool. :slight_smile:


just received a license for max 8 and an online course , time to study! (i was actually studying supercollider but i think i can try to split my brain in two and study both :smiley: )


Which online course are you doing, @hyena ?


is a course by Kadenze, the teacher is Matt Wright (one of the inventors of OSC language).


I took [most of] their Reaktor course. Thought it was quite good. Should probably finish it someday.


Matt was one of my academic advisors. He’s an excellent teacher and something of a Max wizard.

My favorite feature in SuperCollider is multichannel expansion, where using square bracket notation allows you to copy the same instructions across channels but with parameter variations. The new MC features in Max pretty much mirror this, which is why I was so excited for them. Still, SuperCollider is useful for norns-hacking :slight_smile:


Yeah, the Kadenze Course on Max is absolutely excellent.

I’ve been playing a lot with mc since Max 8 was released and I have to say it’s really one of the greatest improvements in a long time in Max. I’ve already revamped many of my old patches - things that were super complicated before are now elegant and easy. Opens lots of ways for experimentation, too. Really fun.


thanks for the extra info guys!
i don’t know why but even if learning max is easier than sc thanks to the graphical aspect of it i never felt really comfortable with it so i always stopped learning the few times i tried. with supercollider i go slow but i’m really loving the experience. but yes, i will give it another try, opportunities in life are to be taken :slight_smile: and i love studying anyway :slight_smile:


This has been my Max experience as well, more or less. I’ve set out to realize projects in Max after deciding it was the best route to take, but it’s been a challenge to maintain a forward progression with it once completing the project(s). Excited about the new release, though, and hoping to keep some steam going with it.


why do you guys think you stopped? - was there something particular that created a hurdle?


Given my experience with Max has been largely project-based (what am I trying to do, and what objects will get me to that result?), I’d have to say it’s the vastness/openness of it. I’m definitely more productive when I have tighter restrictions (i.e. having a specific goal/project, or even keeping my euro to 7U right now).

I am very excited about the new search function–a lot of my time using Max in the past has been spent trying to figure out which objects I’m looking for, and I foresee this speeding up that process!


i don’t know precisely. there is something that feels a bit weird to me in the way it handles messages, arguments and such.
while in supercollider you have syntax and that is clear because it is code, in max and pd you also have syntax but it feels a bit weird to me given the graphic context. in reaktor, which i used much more than max (and i still use especially for didactical reasons, i teach electronic music production and similar topics,and i am an ableton live certified trainer) it’s simpler to do simple stuff. i think perhaps doing more complex stuff might be easier in max than reaktor (core level looks intimidating, even if i did something with simple core cells).