Bizarre Messages on Startup

Hi there! I’ve got a 301 that I purchased secondhand. I recently updated to the most recent firmware release and removed some of the previous owners sounds from the SD card. Since doing that, I get interesting messages at start up and I don’t know how to address them. I was hoping you all could help me figure this out. I should mention that once moving through the second two warning screens, my unit functions perfectly afaik.

(I’m powering on with switch 1 set to user and switch 2 set to edit, which I believe is correct?)

On start up:

If I select “no” I don’t see the following two screens:

My guess is that the 301 is trying to load a default preset that contains these two files. I’m further speculating that these two files were deleted when I cleaned out some of the previous owners files from the SD card.

The only thing I don’t understand is the restoring screen which I didn’t see before updating to 0.6.xx… Can anyone help me clear this up?

The ER-301 on boot asks if you’d like to restore the last quicksave. The quicksave stores the entire state of the device including file references. My guess is when you were clearing the SD card you didn’t clear the quicksaves. I’d go into the SD card on your computer and remove the contents of all the slot folders within the quicksave folder. Perhaps you can delete the quicksave folder itself but I don’t really know how the ER-301 handles that.

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Or you can overwrite the quicksave slot by saving a quicksave over it.

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Thank you. And I’m assuming the quicksaves folder will be labeled “quicksaves” on the SD card and deleting the files within it won’t mess up functionality of the 301?

Yes the folder is called quicksaves and is within the 0.6 folder. Removing the contents of the slot folders shouldn’t impact functionality but I’m not 100% sure what the best way to clear them entirely is. I am pretty certain you won’t damage anything.

Worst thing that would happen is you would get a can’t load error like you are already getting. However, if you just hit no when asked it wont to restore the quick save, it doesn’t matter, as it wont be trying to load anything.

Check the manual as it is detailed. Just search (Ctrl + F) for quick saves, and that will get your squared away in no time.

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One can just delete the entire parent directory and everything will get automatically recreated on start up. Can confirm, I’ve done it a million times.


As tomf said, just delete everything from the front card to start all over again.

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Just so I understand you correctly, I can bring the front card up on my computer and delete every file and folder in it, and then on restart, the folders will be recreated? That would be awesome if it didn’t delete my custom units.

Thank you everyone for weighing in! @2disbetter @tomf @Lokua – really appreciate it!

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you can also delete specific folders and they will be recreated by the system. doesn’t have to be the whole thing.

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Thanks for clarifying that!

Back to share that I deleted the quicksaves folder off of my SD card and that did the trick. No more pesky messages on start up. Thank you all!