Black & Gold ER-301

I recently approached Audio Parasites here in Australia to create a black and gold ER-301 panel for me to match my set-up.

I received it today and they have exceeded expectations and thought I’d share the end result and give them a bit of a punt.

Dee, the owner did a couple extra panels and is letting them go for a paltry $30AUD and is willing to ship globally.

Feel free to get in touch with him via his website at


Very nice! Where did you get the white buttons?

From Digikey, they come in different colours, requires a little work to pop them on/off, but @odevices has a great video on how to do it on the ER-301 guide.

Message sent via contact info on Dee’s site. These are amazing! Hopefully there’s still one left for meeee :smiley:

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Just got in touch and placed and order. I’ll let you all know how everything turns out!

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Now if we could source gold jack nuts like the ones OD uses…