Bparticle's presets

I’m not sure what the status is of the user contributions and how it is all managed on the forum and/or the wiki (I lost track of all the discussion about discussions threads and it’s just too much too read up on by now…), but for my own convenience I have put my presets in a GitHub repository and plan to maintain them there. Anyone in charge, self-proclaimed or officially knighted by the ruling powers, let me know if there is something I need to know :space_invader: :cowboy_hat_face:

For now the repository contains the following

Bparticle’s presets for the ER-301 sound computer

Binaural Beats

A tuned binaural beats machine.

Forum discussion: https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com/t/binaural-beats-unit
type: oscillator/voice
file: binaural-beats.unit


Sample scratching and mixing with external audio or internal sounds.

Forum discussion: https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com/t/itchy-sample-scratching-preset
type: utility, effect, stereo
file: Itchy.unit

Punchcard 8

This is a simple 8 step trigger sequencer.

Forum discussion: https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com/t/8-step-trig-sequencer-unit
type: utility
file: punchcard-8.unit

Straight Shooter

A very simple synth voice based on two oscillators.

Forum discussion: Discussion about a Synth Voices discussion
type: oscillator/voice
file: straight_shooter.unit

Tilt Cove

A stereo delay effect preset.

Forum discussion: https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com/t/tilt-cove-stereo-delay-preset
type: effect, stereo
file: Tilt-Cove.unit

Wave Fader Suite

Mixing presets for wavetable synthesis and other experiments

Forum discussion: https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com/t/wave-fader-suite-wavetable-mixing-presets
type: utility/mixing


A three band pedal looper.

Forum discussion: Tricycle - a three band looper custom unit
type: utility
file: triCycle.unit (55.3 KB)


would you mind sharing your github link here?
i strongly believe that everybody who’s in charge would be happy
to link to your repo instead of the units you shared in the forum.
(the corresponding forum discussions are and will be linked, too…)

Oh yeah, I didn’t do that right? I was being so thorough I forgot what I wanted to share in the first place :smile: I have edited the post so the link is there.

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Thinking about ‘the project’ you guys have undertaken. It’s just occurred to me, that, the most logical index of units is the community thread that the developer creates to introduce, the unit, their creation.

An index of units compiled as a directory of discussion threads. The one single unique part of any unit, wherever it may be found, is the discussion, posted on the OD forum.

So rather than an index of units, an index of threads?

…just a thought

If I have taken anything away from the Discussion about Discussions threads is that a most popular consensus seemed to be: “Why not have both?” :grin:

I like the idea of an index by units on the wiki, but an index of threads is equally useful. Although in my mind that doesn’t take any work at all since, come to think of it, don’t we already have an index of threads on the forum? That’s why we have the custom unit tag!

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Exactly! That’s a good point. Although we have a list of threads, do we have an index of threads that contain the discussions of individual custom units or, presets.

Suppose there was a thread template for any unit innovation. Within the template you would record the essential detail about the unit, such as cpu usage etc, and then the thread evolved naturally, documenting all the contributions, fixes, upgrades design thoughts and so on.

Rather than duplicating all the unique detail within the thread, just do exactly what you did, above, within the forum, as an index, like the index you posted above, the forum links.

Nice work by the way


I am on board with this. Keep it up.
Would have to trawl a lot of the threads to find all the current units, but once set up will be a gem!

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Wave Fader Suite presets are added to the repo (more info: https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com/t/wave-fader-suite-wavetable-mixing-presets)


love your style mate :slight_smile:
and this drawing made me think how much i’d like to see a portable, battery powered er-301 :smiley:
my lunchbox is supercute but no way to mobile power it unfortunately…
i think even a desktop version with a configurable stereo out and perhaps a midi and or usb in (think something similar to norns) would become a bestseller inside and outside of the eurorack world!


Thanks man :slight_smile: A battery powered system would sure be cool and it’s definitely not impossible! I’ve had powerbanks sitting in my shopping cart several times but so far haven’t done any experiments. I’m waiting for a battery revolution :smile:

I do have my doubts about the appeal for non-modularists. After all it’s made for modular and no one can justify the presence of 24 patch points if you’re not actually going to use them to the fullest. But it would be a powerful instrument for anyone.


Maybe a different version with less cv in but usb, i2c,midi…but even as is:think about how many new desktop synths have cv gate io now…neutron, model d, 0 coast, arturia’s…just to name a few…

Just gonna leave this here: https://cdm.link/2019/05/polyend-modular-preset-battery/

And FWIW, I’m loving the gradual (and sometimes begrudging move to github for the monome norns community).

I’m all about whatever makes it easiest for the people in the front lines of unit/script/patch development to maintain and create whatever they need to do… but I’m also a dev so I’m biased.


Polyend Anywhere, whoaa. That is cool :star_struck: I wonder how deep the module is. I really like my micro-case and I might be able to make room for that. 149 is an ok price too. Nothing on availability though but will keep an eye on this one.

I’m a dev too and I noticed a lot of us are. Probably that explains why we like to use the tools we are using anyway. It just doesn’t make sense not to take the best-practice-attitude into other areas of your life.


Couldn’t agree more.

Also eager to see how the 2hp Power module from Endorphin.es plays with a battery pack.

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that Monome Norns and the ER-301 are both using LUA (makes perfect sense) and I’ve been dragging my feet on diving into it, but I can’t seem to break the imaginary barrier of entry. Something about seeing it up on github destigmatized it somehow. It’s just code!

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Haha, cool. Yeah Lua is perfectly doable I believe, although I haven’t started yet either. Mostly because I really enjoy building stuff inside the ER-301 and working with the UI that is constantly evolving and improving. Such a cool platform to be involved in.

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monome (or whimsical?) Crow should sort you out there…

Im so close to getting a teletype again…not sure if I should bother though and dive into Lua and er3301like BPartlces…

Im no dev though - a little unix is all I know!