Brand new er301 ev7 - risky?

Hi guys,
It sounds a bit crazy but I might have found a brand new rev7.
The module has never been used, there are still the screen protectors on it, it was just sleeping in the box all these years.
Anyway is there anything I should know before buying or check at the arriving of the module ?

I was fortunate enough to find and acquire a lightly used rev 7 recently. Absolutely zero regrets. If you are interested in i2c controllers, the rev 7 will require a minor modification with 2 solder points on a low cost ‘plug in’ component of the module that can be replaced for less than $50. Aside from that, I understand the experience is identical between rev 7 and rev 10.

I’ve seen some people taking advantage of the short supply situation and asking some really high prices for them. It’s a fantastic module but I don’t think it’s worth twice what O|D charges for them or anything.

If there is anything wrong with it, I’m not sure you’d be able to get it repaired by O|D very quickly due to the same thing that’s causing the short supply situation - namely the instability of international shipping.

Other than those things, guess you just need to follow your instincts regarding the risk as you would with any other pre-owned module.

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I fully agree with you regarding the inflation but actually it looks like the seller doesn’t know that much to the modular world and sell the module at a normal price.
He got a bunch of unused or barely modules from a friend who bought them but never use them (I know some wealthy artists did that).
So Iam more afraid of a stolen module but I don’t think so.
Moreover the transaction would be secured through an official website.

My main concern was about technical issues.

Thanks for you reply guys

Sounds like an interesting situation. Although, remember the adage “if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Trust your instincts. Mine is a recent example, however, that there are still conscientious people out there that choose not to take advantage of supply/demand trends to gouge other members of their community. Otherwise, I’m not aware of any technical concerns specific to the ER-301 or the rev7 beyond what was already mentioned.

Best of luck!

I have bought and sold stuff on reverb and you can dispute the transaction if the device isn’t as advertised. If it is a similar situation on whatever marketplace you are buying from it would probably be okay. I don’t think there is much risk getting an older 301 vs a newer one as the difference is fairly minimal. I also know on reverb the seller doesn’t get the money until they post shipping information, and if it is their first sale they don’t get the money until you authorize that you have received the module. I don’t know what marketplace you are looking at but I would look at their policies for returning/refunding.

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Well the module arrived this morning.
Firmware v.0.2.9 was installed when I booted up.
It really looks like a brand new unit.

Actually I bought it on the Audiofanzine marketplace (french site) and they have a very great buying process.
I have now 48h to test the module and confirm it works fine before the seller gets the money.


Hope it all works as expected. Welcome to the ER-301 club.

Haha thanks Joe, yeah it works perfectly.
I definetly adopted it !

Iam now digging into custom units functioning.
My first objective would be to reproduce phase vocoder and/or grain overlaping like the nebulae.
I feel like at least one of these two features is key for my granular bass sound design.
It might be a bit ambitious :laughing: but that’s a start.

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