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Break Beat Manipulation


Im looking at the ER301 for many reasons and must say it looks great however one thing i’d really like to do is manipulate and chop up breaks (Jungle massive Squarepusher vibes). I see guys on here like @hyena mention it but cant find any demo’s. If anyone is using it this way please could you post some trax/demo’s?

BTW i realise this plays the 301 well short as its capable of so much more, however right now i really need a sampler for breaks and the other stuff can wait/is a bonus.

Many thanks and apologies for being the guy with nothing to contribute.


(disclaimer: i realise Tom Jenkinson is a master an no box can make you as good as that but the example is just so people get the idea of what i mean)

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you can use the varispeed sampler or the clocked sampler if you want it to sync up to a tempo, load up a breakbeat sample then put your slices in the internal editor.
then you need to tell the sampler how you wanna address the slices (there are three modes, if you’ll use something with semitones\1v/oct then use 12TET if not just experiment), then you’ll go to the slice parameter and give it an input and set the gain to (usually) 1. thats it!
oh, and you have to tell the sampler to play slices, not the full sample. this and the other options are available if you click on the sampler’s header.

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