Break Beat Manipulation


Im looking at the ER301 for many reasons and must say it looks great however one thing i’d really like to do is manipulate and chop up breaks (Jungle massive Squarepusher vibes). I see guys on here like @hyena mention it but cant find any demo’s. If anyone is using it this way please could you post some trax/demo’s?

BTW i realise this plays the 301 well short as its capable of so much more, however right now i really need a sampler for breaks and the other stuff can wait/is a bonus.

Many thanks and apologies for being the guy with nothing to contribute.


(disclaimer: i realise Tom Jenkinson is a master an no box can make you as good as that but the example is just so people get the idea of what i mean)


you can use the varispeed sampler or the clocked sampler if you want it to sync up to a tempo, load up a breakbeat sample then put your slices in the internal editor.
then you need to tell the sampler how you wanna address the slices (there are three modes, if you’ll use something with semitones\1v/oct then use 12TET if not just experiment), then you’ll go to the slice parameter and give it an input and set the gain to (usually) 1. thats it!
oh, and you have to tell the sampler to play slices, not the full sample. this and the other options are available if you click on the sampler’s header.


@odevices I know you have your hands full, and it’s likely already on your radar, but would like to rehash the feature request IRT letting a sample start from a selected slice point, but loop the whole sample, or if nothing else play til the end of the full sample. Ideally this would be under play extent > loop full sample or something like that. The stuff about cue points etc all seems v powerful and exciting too but probably beyond the scope of this req, which would turn the er-301 into an instant breakbeat powerhouse, for the few of us who have been wanting to work this way :smiley: I will order a 2nd 301 the day it’s announced! Please let me know if I can help w more input or if there’s a more appropriate place to put this feature req. Your efforts are very much appreciated!


+1 this is the type of thing I’m looking to do.

+1 here too.

This is the way I work with simpler in ableton and it’s great.

But @donquixote, this is how I have used the 301 many times. I’m not going for squarepusher (even tho he bae), but I am chopping loops. This was all er301…

But yeah, @odevices, I would LOVE the ability to play “slice until end of file” in mono mode for breaks. It makes my hiphop side giddy to think about.

Happy Holidays, everyone.


THIS should absolutely be an option. I was just using my 301 just now, and was thinking there HAS to be a way to do this, then came to this forum to see if i was missing something.
Hope @odevices sees this request, this would be useful for all kinds of sampling not just break beats.

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This has come up a few times in the past, so I am aware of the desire for it. When and if it happens, it will most likely be a separate player unit with support for what I’m tentatively calling cue points.


You can do this today with some caveats.


Load your sample into Manual Loops. In the start subchain of Manual Loops, either use an internal Offset unit or an external 0-5V offset voltage generator coming in on ABCDx to set the points where the play head will reset to. Set the start subchain gain so that the start param goes to 1.0 when the voltage/offset is at max.

After the internal/external offset in the start subchain, insert a Voltage Bank unit.

Put the Voltage Bank in bypass mode. Use the offset to adjust reset points and when you find it, trigger the VB to store the value. Move to the next VB index slot and repeat the process. Then take VB out of bypass mode. Setting VB from 1-8 will then control where the play head resets to when it reaches the end of the sample.


  • VB is currently limited to 8 slots (would be pretty easy to make a larger version if anyone thinks it would be useful)
  • There’s no way to put Manual Loops into one shot mode that I know of - it will always loop at the end of the sample
  • This doesn’t involve slices so you’ll have to set the reset points by ear or by watching the reset point on the waveform display, or mathematically. You can’t really slice by time and such…

I get that the caveats might make this a non-starter depending what you’re working with but thought I’d throw it out there as a possibility for someone who wants to do this kind of thing right now.


:crossed_fingers:it’s a when not if


also trigger at end of slice would be useful

Yes i also wish for this option (of course !)
I really dont understand why it wouldnt be an option…:thinking:

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Following the paradigm of “one output per unit” this is a feature not likely to be available very soon, or ever at all. I requested also stuff like end-of-gate, end-of-rise, and so forth, and I believe the official enigmatic answer to this was: this may be possible when the Event Bus is implemented. I don’t believe anyone knows what that is, and when it is coming (probably even Brian doesn’t know entirely yet) :smile: But I’m very excited about it anyway. Hold Mode had the same status for a while and when it dropped it turned out to be the coolest super-power!

i can speculate that the event bus will be a data stream parallel to the audio bus, like in reaktor or max, it will be probably sampled at a lower control rate and will enable routing of events in a very efficient and cpu effective way.
i’m wondering if it will be still possible to use event generators (like envelope generators) at audio rate.
the actual paradigm with only one kind of stream sampled at sampling rate is super cool because it doesnt differentiate between “cv” and audio but of course it comes at cpu cycles cost…

just free running guesses here eh :slight_smile:


would cue points have the same options as slices (onset, period and division)?
because how slices work now are already perfect for this functionality in the variable speed unit… i’m just looking for another option in the “play extent” setting that would be:
all | slice | slice through

on “slice through” it would play through the rest of the slices after the current one ends.
then if play duration is on ‘once’, it would stop at the end of the entire sample and if play duration is on ‘repeat’ it would loop the entire sample.


I believe the answer is yes!


FYI, I went ahead and implemented this request in v0.5.01 for now. I decided to call the mode ‘cue’ though.


Wowzer! Awesome! :slight_smile:

thank you OD! a quick amen test to celebrate


tyvm for implementing this, cannot wait to check it out

@bjlogic- super nice one! i am experimenting a lot with breaks at the moment, the new cue function came just right in the moment an it works like charm.
would be super interesting how you do things like the retriggers and revers glitches.
what unit are you using for clock mult … etc.

and thank you @odevices for making this possible in the euro world — this is soo exciting to see.