Break Beat Manipulation

Anybody up for making a short video of this in action on the 301? I have almost zero experience with breakbeats, so it would be neat to see how this much requested feature is being used.

Edit: oops, missed your video above @bjlogic. Very cool. :wink:

Im using Nerdseq to trigger/sellect the cue points. I then have two different clock multiplication from pam’s workout going into the er301, and i have the far two right sliders mix those faster gates in with the triggers from nerd, so im able to retrigger (ratchet) the cue points on the fly in real time, with different speeds.
the left sliders are pitch up, pitch down, and filter


nice that’s way easier than I thought ! I always use delays on the gate signals wich produce due to their settings also quite interesting results. thx for sharing your patch.

nice trick! have to try it! thanks for sharing

There was a little video on this forum somewhere not so long ago that peaked my interest and now I can’t seem to find it.

The vid showed some breakbeat choppage, and the user was simultaneously staggering and scanning through a break achieving a kind of pseudo timestrech effect. This effect is used regularly by producers such as Dub One, B-Key and Equinox in their Jungle tracks on Scientific Wax, and I’d love to know exactly how it’s done on the 301.

Any thoughts anyone? Finding the bloody clip again would be a start! If my description isn’t very good then listen to Tension Dub by Dub One, in fact I think all the tracks on that EP rinse this technique.

Are you looking for this?

Nah man. That’s just your standard note repeat stuff and some filtering a bit later on in the vid. The voltage is fixed for those kind of note repeats and the gate is trilled.

What I’m talking about is scanning/scrubbing through the sample whilst triggering which gives a kind of timestretch effect. The voltage is not fixed and they were travelling in between the cue points too suggesting some kind of slew, as the scanning was pretty smooth.

I can’t find the video in my history either! Hahah…

I must have dreamt it.

This is how it sounds in a track;

2m15s into the linked track, to around 2m27s is what I’m talking about.

Idk if this is what your referring to but I posted this a while back. It’s just the grain stretch unit. You could probably use it to do what your talking about…

Wow this dates back to 2017!

That does sound as cool as a frozen cucumber, and I’ll be having some fun with that one when I’m back on things - but no! That’s not what I meant either!! :sob:

I’m starting to feel like a breakbeat princess now… :smiley:

If you check out that track I linked and listen to the section I’ve mentioned then you’ll see (hear) that what we’re talking about isn’t time stretching at all. I just don’t know what else to call it really!

Super Scrubbing?? Please discuss…

Seems like you could probably do that in a patch similar to the first one I posted in this thread, just modulate ‘shift’ with an envelope or lfo as your retriggering the cue points with a fast clock. I haven’t tried it but worth a shot?

Ok nice one, I’m sure I’ll work it out when I’m back on it.

My modular is in bits again right now as I have a lot of firmware updates to get through (12 to be exact! And I’m stuck on the Rainmaker as Quartus won’t see the USB Blaster whatever I try, which is mashing my tiny Windows unfriendly brain as the drivers seem completely fine), and also need to completely reorder my case anyway to improve the power distribution after installing some LIBB boards and realizing that I was a bit too close for comfort to max headroom on one of the bricks, as the boards take up to 200mA each.

When I do I’ll share my findings as it’s a valid Jungle technique.

Really, I was just trying to use this thread as a little resource (like a mini wiki) for people to come to, share and benefit from some breakbeat science!

To be continued… :smiley:

if i have time ill try out that shift modulation sometime soon and report back!