Brvtal Trvth

Hello, i’m back with a new fairly simple CU.
this is a synth based on two oscillator, Sine and Joe’s Pulse.
thing is they cross modulate and can cross sync (seems stupid but i put a differently timed microdelay on each sync’s input).
So this starts as a fairly basic synth sound and then you can increasingly mess it with the PWM and PM controls, then you can experiment with the SYNC.

-tune: classic v/oct input, bind it to a physical input to tune the beast
-gate: this triggers the VCA adsr envelope.
-PWM: this controls how much the sine output modulates the pulse width of the pulse vco
-PM: this controls how much the pulse output modulates the phase of the sine vco
-SYNC: this controls how much of the sine vco goes into the hard sync of the pulse vco AND how much of the pulse vco goes into the hard sync of the sine vco. i know, it sounds weird, but putting a micro delay on each sync input (with different timings) adds some chaotic behaviour to explore.
-A, D, S, R: they control the amplitude (vca) envelope, i don’t think i have to explain what they do…

here it is:
Brvtal Trvth.unit (35.1 KB)


Cool, thanks! I played around with it a little bit and it’s a pretty useful voice. Interesting idea with the sync. It can get pretty gnarly though! I tried putting a fixed HPF at the sine when things got out of hand and it improved the digital distortion a little.

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good idea!
my goal was to obtain a very filthy and nasty digital sound, welcoming aliasing with open arms :smiley:
but any interpretation is more than welcome!
where exactly did you put the filter? on the sine out? on the sync in of the sine?

Oh well then you’re good to go :smile:

There was an odd combination of parameters that made the modulated sine wave have quite a big DC offset. If you would like to avoid distortion, it’s a good idea to prevent that from happening of course, but you don’t have to!

I was toying with the idea of starting a thread that only contains synth voice custom units because I like to have a repository of plug and play voices on my sd card. What do you think, is that a good idea? I will see what I can put together.


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