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Buchla Music Easel Custom Unit



Riffing off @kel I went ahead and made a custom unit with a Buchla Music Easel sample

Tracks nice from A0 upwards with the ER101 into the 301

Put “Buchla.lua” in the Custom Units folder
the sample and .slc file inside your samples directory


Excellent!! Super cool - will definitely try this out - thanks for sharing!


Brilliant, this is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for when I released the Piano16 unit - thank you :smiley:


worth mentioning

  • both vcos fully on
  • no lpg
  • tiniest of modulation
  • roughly 2.5sec release

it’s close to the plainest representation of the Easel possible, will do some more with time that are more complex


Back in late May you suggested that you’d do another Buchla Easel unit with greater complexity…this is just a friendly reminder and nudge with the hope you will still return to that idea.


let’s make that happen :wink:


Still following… :slight_smile:




Ok ok I get the message. I have a few other ideas now too… :wink:


Calling Mr @tom_hall attention Mr @tom_hall you are being requested to visit the Buchla department where your expertise is needed.