Buffer inputs


I am newbie with the ER-301, and I don’t really understand how to run the buffer.
I would like to assign some inputs for the buffer but I don’t find how I can do, and from which inputs the incoming signal is coming.
I have see the video but I don’t find it enough explicit.

Maybe somebody can help me


There is no direct connection between audio/cv and the buffer file. Instead, the buffer file has to be linked to a unit that can read/write to it.

Check out the Pedal Looper Unit as a start.


Hello. Which video did you watch?

I suggest you try this tutorial.


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mmmm, but isn’t the Pedal Looper the only unit that doesn’t generate an explicit buffer (that you can find in the sample pool)?

true, but you can save to an existing or create a new buffer file from the contents. I suggested it as it’s the fastest way to get Cv or audio into the 301, in a musical way, without using prepared files from the card. (imho of course).

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ah! i never found that option! thanks for the tip!!! i always put another looper after it or just recorded to the 6-track!!! you never stop learning, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

I have watch the series of video from Neil Parfitt :

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Hey !

Thanks a lot to everybody for your answers.
Now it’s more clear for me :slight_smile:

I will try all your advices and the suggested tutorial from mopoco