Burn Slices

Let’s say a random cv source triggers sample slices. What I want is to be able to “mute” slices once have been played, so to not be played again. Any ideas?

afaik there’s no way to currently do this, it’s definitely an interesting idea though. We’d need something like a random generator that doesn’t repeat

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Sounds like you want to enumerate a random permutation of the slices. This would be pretty easy to implement in the DSP layer.

A brain-dead, space-inefficient approach using STL containers and algorithms would be to populate a list of integers with all of the slice indices (0…N-1), permute the list (using std::random_shuffle), and then pop a value off the list each time a trigger arrives.

A more space-efficient approach (by at least a factor of 8) would involve using bitmaps (i.e., an integer where each bit represents an index) instead of a std::List. But you’d have to handle all the indexing and bookkeeping, so I’d start with the brain-dead approach and see how far it gets you.

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Not exactly elegant or random but you could manually populate an accents voltage bank or a wave file to store unique voltages used to address the slice parameter and go through that sequentially.

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