Burst Generator

While messing about with the gate to trigger capabilities of the tap tempo unit I came across a nice use for this, I didn’t patch it up completely because I had no need for it in the patch I was running, but from the few experiments I did I imagine it’s totally doable:

If you turn the tempo right down on the tap tempo unit, you can convert one trigger into many triggers at whatever frequency division you like, with a little imaginative routing it should be possible to switch between a single trigger and this ‘burst generator’.

It’s really cool for swing and offset triggers too!

If anyone explores this, or finds a better way to do it, please share your findings here :slight_smile:

I’ve also been messaging around with this, that tap tempo unit turned out to be a pretty handy tool. Also interesting to modulate a variable delay with feedback after the tt unit.

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Just discovered another great use for the tap tempo unit, a square wave sub oscillator. Create 2 mixers 1 with your oscillator and 1 with the tap tempo inside. Hit the tempo with your oscillator and divide becomes your sub divisions. Damn we can even control the pulse width mix it in to taste. It tracks your oscillator pitch pretty well too. Going to try stacking a few now see how that sounds ha…

This module keeps on surprising me, especially how you can re- purpose the units for other functions :slight_smile: