Bursts of sound while changing quicksaves


Has anyone had the following occur: When I’m performing live, I tend to change quicksaves quite a bit. I like the fact that they’re nice little islands, each stem/song idea.

However, when I change quicksaves, often some sample plays for ~half a second before it gets muted. I guess it’s something like “sampler loads and starts playing -> then the VCA after it loads and cuts off the sample”, but that’s just my guess. I’ve had luck and they’ve mostly been something that doesn’t sound too out of place, but would prefer to control this :laughing:

Anyone else had this, any ideas as to how to mitigate this?


FYI, some of this behavior changes (and will continue to change) in v0.4.

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Okay, that actually solves my problem – it’s not too critical. Thank you for the information!

No problem. :wink:

It’s funny. One of my favorite things about the modular is all the weird sounds a patch will make when you turn it on. So when I discovered that the ER-301 kind of behaved the same way it put a smile on my face.


Yes! With my system, when you turn the (external) sequencer off, I think many gate inputs in my modular get triggered and all CV’s, of course, drop to zero. It’s always seemed like the perfect slightly dissonant ending to a session.

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Don’t think that really applies here :slight_smile: Changes to this are coming, from what I saw.

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