Button maintenance

I haven’t messed around for that many days since I got it but last night the S1 button got stuck following another or so push. Anyone had any of their buttons sticky and needing nudging for popping back up? A simple fix for perhaps clearing out whatever may be caught in there?

To prospective 301 buyers - it’s worth noting that the reason for build related questions being so few here is that the overall quality of this module is amazing.

i’m interrest too :wink:
but for my ER101.
Sometime when push “insert” it insert 5 notes instead of 1, and it do the same wtih delete too :frowning:

@stef Perhaps it is rubbing up against the panel on one side of the button? If so, I would usually soften the solder joints of the button with focused hot air and slightly nudge it away from that side. It’s an easy operation if you have the right tools but how many people have hot air rework stations (and kapton tape)? :spy:

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@maximedangleslive I’ve never heard of this. How often does it happen? It is actually quite unexpected because button bounce filtering is done in analog on the ER-101 (as opposed to the ER-301 where it is done in software). So either your buttons contacts are extremely corroded or (even more unlikely) the filtering capacitors have some how been knocked off the PCB? Either way, I recommend a qualified technician (or me :nerd:) to analyze the situation and fix it.

I have those things!!

If anyone has this problem in UK, or I guess Europe, I’d be happy to oblige, I am very confident with these things.

I wouldn’t go as far to say I was a ‘qualified technician’ though :relieved:


I sometimes get a bonus step or two but I think it might be down to user error, if you add steps whilst in follow mode this tends to happen. Need to test it more but I think that might be it.

my up button is a bit sticky on its top side, ok if i hit it on the bottom

let me see how this plays out I’ll try have a friend look at it

So I’m still getting the occasional double or triple button entry in response to pressing insert on the 101. Pretty random any ideas?

I have the oposite issue where the “enter” button don’t register click when pushed around the top left side corner, so I have to make a conscious decision to hit it on the right spot

Sticky ER-301 buttons (gray only)

I’m beginning to suspect that a few of the ER-301 got installed with buttons that are just a little stiffer than usual and this is just enough to get them to sometimes stick when pressed off-center.

I’m talking with C&K (the button manufacturer) to see if I received a run of buttons that fell outside of specs. In the meantime, according to my own investigations, when there is a button that is sometimes getting stuck or feels stiff, I remove the button cap and measure its diameter. Invariably it turns out to be about 0.1mm smaller than usual which makes it just that much of a tighter fit around the base. If I then replace it with a button cap from another lot with the normal button diameter, the button action is smoother and doesn’t get stuck anymore.

The best way to determine if you have a sticky button is to wiggle a blue button back and forth (left to right) and note how loose it is. Then do the same with a suspect gray button. If the gray button feels stiff in the lateral direction then it is highly likely it was manufactured too tight. Replacing it might give it smoother action.

I want to replace them myself!
If you feel confident removing the panel on your ER-301 and replacing button caps, you can try doing it yourself. The part number for the gray buttons is D6C10-F1-LFS:

(Ignore the round green button in the picture.)

(Ignore the black button in the picture.)

I find that prying off the button caps is most conveniently done with a 2mm flathead screwdriver. Here is what the process looks like:

Everyone else
You are always welcome to send your ER-301 back to me for button replacements. Just PM or email me for shipping address and instructions.


Any ideas on the 101 insert button?

Oops. This shouldn’t be allowed and it could be quite confusing. In the next firmware, update I will have the ER-101 ‘tilt’ when you try to insert when follow mode is active.

I’m guessing there are certain buttons out there where the analog debounce filter (i.e. a capacitor) is not sufficient. I will try introducing additional software debouncing in the next firmware update.


Fantastic!! :+1:

My brand new ER-301 does appear to have a quite sticky button at M1. It needs to be engaged dead vertical or it tends to stay pushed, on its right side. Maybe it just needs a little more breaking in?

The buttons of my 301 seem to be less responsive than I had expected. I am noticing it mostly with the up button. It sometimes needs an extra press. They don’t feel as if they are stuck with the panel and it always clicks the same way when I press them - it’s just that sometimes nothing happens.

I wonder if this is normal/expected so how is the experience of everyone else? Do your buttons need an extra press sometimes?

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I can’t remember ever experiencing that, so I don’t think it’s normal.

Doesn’t seem normal. However, ever since I had that bad batch of buttons (which your ER-301 does not overlap with), I’ve been personally working out the buttons. So it is surprising that you are having troubles. Can you try to quantify more clearly how often your button presses are being ignored?

I had a quick look at this after missing my train to work and counted about one missed press out of ten trials.

This is just the UP button?