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Button maintenance



I examined it for some days now and have a feeling that the more I pay attention to pressing the buttons in an exact 90 degrees angle the more reliable they react. When I press them in a more sloppy way while working fast and jumping around on the screen building something up, maybe pressing them more on the edge than exactly centred they make the same clicking sound but the software does less likely react. I guess that’s just how those knobs are.

It mostly came to my attention with the “up” button because when you focus/defocus a control and the defocus process does not work you then change the value again with the encoder instead of moving to another control on the screen which is a bit cumbersome sometimes. I think I wish the focus/defocus routine would not require the “up” button for being able to switch through the controls a bit faster when setting something up. Maybe the focus-press to switch through the control mode screens could be replaced by pressing enter on a focussed control?


My S1 button is mostly unresponsive (software side) when pressing with light to normal strength on the right side, which is where my thumb lies when operating the wheel. I can hear a unusual click but no action, the button isn’t getting stuck either. I got used to press the thing more on it’s center position now, so no big deal. Just hoping that it’s not getting worse. I don’t think it was always like that tho.
Brian did offer me to send it in for free.


This is the way I had it near the beginning of v0.3.xx with focus press being used to focus/unfocus and enter being used to cycle the view modes. However, this triggered the great “Veneer of Wayfinding” discussion :sweat_smile: So I’ve retracted some of those changes in order to step back, see the bigger picture and try again.


I’m thinking that the button fix posted might solve some of this. I don’t see myself unmounting the unit prior to a cpu upgrade. It’s more of an ocd like thing for me at the moment. Are you in sweden @elias?


Nope, down south… italy. ;D
Really i suspect my issue is not the one brian was pointing at since the button is not getting stuck at all. After pressing it jumps back up, there’s just no action happening.
Actually i made a quick vid i sent to brian back then, here’s the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8dUDQzzZ-RDeVEweFJjb01naFR4aDc1Mk4tS04wcUlKU1hv/view?usp=sharing

But as i said i got accustomed pressing the button at its center…and this is still the only button affected.


Ah Italy…

Ok — looking at your video that really seems to be a matter of the button being unresponsive, right not getting stuck? Thin is mine doesn’t really get stuck either (but perhaps some stiffness related to a bad batch of buttons might cause this). Generally speaking I have the same thing only I don’t think it makes that sound and I’m not able to reproduce it that often. Wouldn’t you suppose a button switch would help? It seems like this really is a mechanical issue.


Just to make it more obscure - my S1 button makes the same slightly different click compared to the other buttons. But it works flawless…:thinking:


Well, i can see myself doing the fix if another button would happen to malfunction in a similiar way. Altough that would mean some kind of wear is happening, actually (as i said) i’m pretty sure the button worked fine for some months… maybe it’s just some dirt inside the mechanics?
I just won’t pay the 20€ shipping costs from mouser right now… not to mention sending the baby back to japan (btw would i have to pay customs again on reentry?).
Too much hassle atm. :smirk:


Same! :smiley_cat:

The repair turnaround seems like a generous offer – if the issues was a bigger deal than they are to me atm and I could bare with being away for the 301 for any time.

Generally speaking re: repair and customs from the EU – be specific with your tax agency – you are not supposed to pay taxes on stuff that is sent for repair. I’m not sure this rule is specific to stuff which is under warranty or not. Keep the receipts and make clear notes that it is broken electronics sent to manufacturer for repair or something along those lines. I only did those two things and they helped when I was hit with customs, which I was able to overturn.