Buy Now or Buy Later?

Hullo, folks! Been reading things for a while here, studying elsewhere and consuming multiple helping of Neil’s excellent work.

I’ve come to the firm and final decision that an ER-301 has a place in my rack. The question now becomes “Should I purchase it now, and fill in other mods around it?” or on the other hand “Should I put a 30hp blank panel in my system and wait X amount of time before purchase?”

Are there compelling reasons for either side? Other than the “buy now because NOW is really 2+ months from now”? :slight_smile:

-Bro B

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I don’t like talking people into purchases but I was in the same position after watching all the videos and reading the wiki.

I then just bought now, hoping that there will be no hardware updates in the near future - now that everyone is talking about connectivity to the ER-101/2, monome and CV/gate outputs.

I assumed that if, then there will be an additional expander as with the ER-101 and came to the point where I thought that I will buy it anyway because it seems the best way to integrate samples/grains in my rack (after trying phonogene, radio music and the reflex live loop) so I ordered it to free my mind from contemplating if I shall buy it now or later…

I have already been there before in spring though and waited but It seems pretty stable now and if the firmware gets too complex feature wise or just too far away from what I need (which would be my only concern besides firmware updates - the reflex was no fun anymore at some point and I am not sure about teletype ATM) I still can simply stop updating.

Now I am patiently waiting for the day after christmas…:santa:

The compelling reasons I can throw at you is that you are going to have a few things to learn so get ahead of the ever evolving firmware curve and get started.

Next, you could be making a contribution as to how the firmware and units are being developed before the ER-301 moves out of “beta.”

For those who are enjoying the ER-301, they are REALLY enjoying it.


Hardware updates are not a concern, the main module is stable, the SOM module can be replaced as and when and if that becomes available.

There’s really no reason not to buy now if you have decided you would like to join the party :sunny:

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If you buy now, you’ll get it 8 weeks or so later. So you can accomplish both mindsets!

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I dedided to buy it because:

  • I can manage complexity chunk by chunk at every update.
  • every update is like having new modules, and it’s awesome to reduce my GAS for other things! :slight_smile:
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I think the biggest reason why you should get it now, is that you can make future purchases better informed. The ER-301 is a very capable module and will fill a lot of roles in your rack. Knowing what those roles are will keep you from spending on modules you don’t need as a result. Will also help you with your workflow planning, etc.

However, not getting it, you could theoretically read about all the features and how you would use them and make the same decisions. I’ve just found that there is a big difference between the way you think something will work and the way it does.


if nothing else, it is the best sampler/sampler player/mixer in euro. if you utilize it to it’s fullest, it can be two complex oscillators with loopers for each and then some. up to you.

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This ^^

Grow with the system. This really is just the beginning.