Calamity: fried my ER-301 (EDIT: has happy ending)

I added a connector to my 16 pin ribbon cable but somehow managed to create a short circuit. Most modules are fine but the ER-301 doesn’t show any sign of life (I believe because the short circuit was on the pins that are not used in most of the other modules? 10 vs 16 pins). I’m not a power expert by far but I think -12V and ground were touching.

Devastated of course, and looking for help.

Also including @Nordlys here because I might need him!

I don’t know how to help you, but I’m really sorry to hear about this and hope the fix is fast and inexpensive @Bparticle.

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Let’s check it out and tell me what happened at home :wink:

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Hi @odevices I’m going to have my module checked out by @Nordlys who is an experienced builder in our local community, and a new ER-301 user. Is there any information that will be good to know for his tests, like reference voltages and such? General tips on hardware troubleshooting?

Thanks @Joe It’s quite a blow I have to admit! But of course, in the grand scheme of things, well, whatever. I do hope it can be fixed and yes fast and inexpensive would be quite nice.

What revision?

It says main rev 7 at the back?

What was the 5V supply switch set to?

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USB (for some reason…?)

Wait a second, is it possible that the switch has changed and that’s the reason it doesn’t turn on…?

Definitely a possibility…

Hallelujah that’s all it was!! I forgot all about that switch! It must have changed to USB while I was doing my re-arranging.

There are always many entirely different realities we have access to. I love it when they “switch” like that :partying_face:

Sorry for the false alarm guys, but thanks for the sympathy and the help. @odevices So happy now.


Awesome! Keep that switch on REG, guys and girls. :wink:


I love a happy ending. :slight_smile:

I died and resurrected in about 30 seconds of reading.


Awesome!!! :clap:

See you soon thriller man

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