Can the ER-301 cut, nudge, copy and bounce recorded audio across multiple tracks like the OP-1?

For anyone familiar with how the Teenage Engineering OP-1 faux 4-track tape recorder works: can the ER-301 function in the same way? I do not own an ER-301 (yet), but I’ve research a bit, and cannot tell whether the 6 track recorder, dub looper, or perhaps some other unit/module that I’ve yet to discover matches this type of “workflow.”

I do not get along with rigid step-sequencing; and I’m aware the ER-301 is not a sequencer. :wink:

That said, for studio/recording purposes, I vastly prefer a more basic (see: old skool) approach to composing music wherein I record a section onto a track --> loop it while I record or overdub alongside said track --> then, bounce/cut/copy/fade/etc among other tracks, as needed.

The OP-1 is “limited” in this manner, and these restraints (personally) provide me large amounts of flexibility and inspiration when creating a tune.

I’m wondering if any of the current or planned ER-301 units function in the same way.

Thanks so much for any insight,


In many ways, yes… You can set up a configuration of things to do what you want as far as looping and recording along side it goes.
As far as “recording to tape” in the op-1 sense, things differ in that after you record, you dont really chop up tracks and move them around to form any sort of timeline-type tape. Its pretty much record and edit in a timeline outside of the 301 later ( at least in my opinion/ so far).

Thanks for the reply! Does anyone know if a timeline-type of editor for recorded audio is planned?

It wouldn’t necessarily have to mimic a tape recorder like the OP-1, but just some way to take saved loops, samples, etc… and position them on quantized/unquantized tracks-- just like any standard digital multi track recorder would allow (Tascam, Zoom, etc…).

Since the ER-301 is marketed as the third option vs. a computer or dedicated audio tools device, it seems like this feature would be a great fit for the module.

I’m new here, but if there is a way to make this a “feature request,” I’d love to do so.


Unfortunately, I don’t see myself implementing this kind of workflow. :bowing_man: However, I believe a musically equivalent result could be obtained by triggering your “saved loops, samples, etc.” from an external (preferably eurorack) sequencer which is the workflow that I want to support in the ER-301.


Thanks for the honest reply, Brian!

It is a clunky workflow, but it’s one that I know and love :muscle:

I like to cobble “songs” together bit by bit-- usually over a period of days and, often, in a place where my system must be unpatched and stored after each session (lest a cat step on my modules with displays :wink:). So, I was really hopeful that the ER-301 would incorporate a multi-track recorder unit with editing “tools.”

That said, I absolutely/obviously appreciate your position that this is not where the ER-301 is focused.

If there are any other ER-301 users on here that record in a similar manner (see: inefficient?), feel free to chime in and tell me how/why you do it!


I hope you don’t think I was being dismissive towards your workflow. It is far from clunky and is probably THE most common way that people work with digital audio. It has produced some amazing results. I just don’t think I’m the right person to bring it to eurorack, nor do I want to be that person. I’ve got my hands full dealing with the cats. :sweat_smile:

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I see now that was a multi-threaded reference :smiley: took me a minute to work it out…

Not at all; but I really appreciate you making sure. Thank you!

This is a cool place; I think I’ll stay a while :sunglasses: Now I just need to purchase an ER-301 before all the flavors are gone.


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