Can the ER-301 sync

Can the 301 be a master clock or be synced to a clock ? Is there an in built clock capability ?

I just got it and I am starting with the videos but I am so hungry for information !

Thanks guys

There’s no master clock module as of 0.1.6.


You could could use a spare channel running an oscillator to drive any number of trigger sources in units throughout the 301. Take a look at video #10 in my video thread.

or… instead of this, it could be an external source connected to the ABCDG inputs…

What I have in hand right now is a TR-707 … will the trigger out work ? I am checking the 707 manual as I write this. And, by the way Neil, is there a button shortcut to check the actual firmware version ? I noticed it popped out the first time I fired it up but now it doesn’t show anymore when I turn the rig off / on

Going to have to wait a couple days for the new pamela’s workout to arrive as I am pretty sure you can’t trigger anything with the individual instrument outs of a 707 unless you hack it if I recall properly

You can try using the rimshot output on the TR-707. You might need to adjust the comparator threshold on the trigger input of the unit that you want to clock/trigger.

Thank you !

The 707 has dinsync so you could whip up a cable to output the sync clock