Can the Looper & Player share the same buffer?


I have a feedback looper and a variable speed player. They both use the same buffer. What I was hoping for would be the ability to sample into the looper’s buffer and playback with the player (eg: at different pitch) in realtime (like an Octatrack). But when I set the two up, the player doesn’t seem to update it’s buffer with the instance that’s in the looper.

Is this correct or should the player’s buffer mirror the looper’s buffer in realtime?


They should be able to share a buffer.

You will likely get clicks if you change the playback speed, at the point where the record and play heads cross, assuming the looper is engaged.

There may still be a visual (only) bug where the waveform doesn’t update in the player when the buffer changes. Haven’t checked on this for a while.

Maybe that’s it - I’m going off what I’m seeing (rather than hearing perhaps)… my ultimate goal is to rebuild a Magneto in the 301… that way I can remove it from my 208hp case (it is a beast at 28hp).

Thanks for the help.

That’s probably it. The visual bug is still on the issue tracker.