Can we save slices?

The guy coming late… Can we save/restore slices on card?

I read about format struggle etc.
I can really understand that’s hard to choose something that you will keep for … years.

Actually, the (obvious) underlying idea is : generating the slices from computer and use them on ER301.

I think that one is still on the wish list. Currently the slice file is 1:1 with the wave file. No way to edit or create a different one externally yet.

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Joe// this leads me to a question. imagine i have loaded in a 120bpm loop into my looper unit. now, i go in and slice it up perfectly in like, 1/2 note increments. i play my pieces with cv all fine and dandy, but then i wish to record over
the loop live. will those same slices now apply to the overwritten loop?
just coming up with awesome liveset ideas.

thanks…(i feel like i’ve actually verified this works, but can’t remember)

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Never thought to try it but I just did and it works!~ Cool idea. :slight_smile:


Is that 1:1 in the volatile memory Joe? It’s never written to the card, no?

As far as I looked for, no.
So the trick of slicing a sample for rapid slice change for using it as a samples bank can’t be done?

Not outside the context you suggested above. I was just wondering today, as I made 4 mixers with a sample player in each, triggering each with a separate trigger. Is it possible somehow to use one sampler and an sliced loop with an offset on a trigger to play a different slice from one sample?

Of course it can :grin: That is the main useage scenario for the Sample Player unit. Have you seen the section in the overview video on the Sample Player? It starts from 7:20.

Slices are saved to the card when you save a preset or quicksave.

I’m not sure I understand the question fully here, but you select the slice to be triggered using the slice parameter (which can be modulated).

Yes, I realised after I hit send that this was poorly articulated. The scenario was of trigger outputs from a MakeNoise Tempi firing slices in individual sample players, themselves within mixers, in order to simply use the trigger from the Tempi coming into Ax-Dx inputs on the ER-301. I was trying to conceive of a manner in which only those signals could be used to fire different slices in one sampler, rather than 4, ie a way to identify the input and advance the slice position from the triggers alone.

Does that make more sense?

Of course, again poor articulation, but those are references within the lua file to sample and position, yes? And not saveable from computer in the manner @jonsimon was suggesting in his underlying idea above?

And as ever edit: I did subsequently think that the scenario I was asking about would probably run into polyphony problems even if it were possible.

That makes a lot more sense! Thank you.

Hmm…you are suppose to just use 4 Sample Players for that kind of scenario. I’m curious, why are you interested in doing this with one Sample Player?

A rather complicated way (which I haven’t tried yet) is something like this:

In the Sample Player > slice sub-chain:

  1. Insert 4 Offset units.
  2. In each of the Offset > offset sub-chains place an ADSR unit (A=0, D=0, S=slice select, R = 0).
  3. Set the sources of each offset sub-chain to be one of the 4 triggers, so that they fire their respective envelopes.

In the Sample Player > trig sub-chain:

  1. Insert 4 Offset units followed by a uDelay.
  2. Drive the 4 Offsets with the 4 triggers. (Really we want an OR unit but the Offset will have to do for now.)

and whilst I don’t have the bandwidth to rewatch that video at the moment, it was actually the sample player section of that video which tipped my purchase decision regarding the ER-301!

The slice files are just references into the WAV files, yes.

I thought @jonsimon was talking about re-recording a (sliced) loop (in the ER-301) and having the existing slices be unaffected? :thinking: Which is what happens as confirmed by @Joe.

…ah well, I was doing it correctly then! I was just thinking about CPU efficiency and general tidiness. A thought experiment that I didn’t have the requisite CPU juice myself to carry though…but I was thinking along the lines of offsets in the manner you describe. I was lacking the ADSR part of your explanation, so thank you

He was in that instance but I understood him at the outset to be asking about preprepared, sliced loops constructed in a computer for subsequent ER-301 usage.

Ah, I see. @julienbayle’s initial question. Currently the only slices that the ER-301 understands are its own.

In other words, the situation has not changed since the Slicing using Computers thread.

Again, my error, I’d conflated the two “j” names. :blush: apologies both!

And that could be already perfect.
Is it saved in a specific file?
I guess it is, in the .lua? Right?
I can copy it multiple times and edit it and save each preset of unit for each grid if slices prepared. Why not.

Wouldn’t it be possible to create an option (enable/disable in global settings?) for allowing WAV user to use proper WAV standard markers as slices?

I (we?) really miss this.
That wouldn’t be perfect as you often explained, @odevices, because indeed it would mean that if you want different slices grid for the same sample you need to duplicate sample… But maybe a temporary solution?

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