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Can we save slices?


I thought you were already on the right lines:

XML or JSON as a default interchange format - open source - comprehensive abstraction and representation of all possible data with converters to and from each type.

Choose the most efficient binary representation for the ER-301 and call on the community to develop the converters for their specific needs.



XML or JSON to ER301 specific and vice versa shouldn’t be hard for us as a community to develop.



I would hope for appropriate DTD, Schema and Namespace declarations.

If done properly there’s no reason why all the variants could not be represented. If the community doesn’t find the time to go the full distance, taking it to a very high standard and writing the converters to behave sensibly with a complement of tools to help resolve incompatible differences would possibly make a nice little business for some enterprising soul :wink:


especially, I can imagine some algorithms for slice pre calculation depending on very specific sound descriptors. I could do that in Max easily. Drag’n’drop a file, start the process, and the computer blasts n variants of slicing grid using specific parameters for instance.

Ability to have multiple grids could be killing:


and ability to switch between grids, even if not “on the fly” but “on the ER301” could be so… great.


Great idea - I like it!!

Easy to use on the ER-301 - load up the same sample file in multiple sample players, each with their own slice grid, switch the routing of the triggers and other CV controls between them for variants on a theme!

edit: if I correctly understand how the code base works (I may not I’ve never seen it) then switching slice files could be as simple as swapping one pointer.


I don’t know about that swapping part, but computer edition is, in my case, very required for some tracks. I’d dedicate a sound channel only for playing with sample & slice grids, actually.