Cancel a Commit?

This there specific step for canceling a Commit? or just leaving Hold mode without hitting commit is sufficient.

i.e. I preload a snapshot, but then decide I don’t want to make a quantize changed to that particular snapshot, instead I want to move to a different one.

(easy answer: don’t change my mind mid Hold mode :joy:)

Hmm. I thought just leaving hold mode would cancel a pending commit but instead it looks like it immediately commits it…

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Has that changed?

that’s what I’ve been striking - I guess it pays not to be indecisive, but it would be good to have a cancel option

I was considering getting into hold mode today and realized that the problem I’m experiencing (easily overwriting patterns in EDIT mode) is not necessarily solved if you cannot back out of a commit in HOLD mode. Any hope for a change on this (yes, I realize I should have started using HOLD mode ages ago)?

So to summarize the current situation:

  • To throw away any changes made in HOLD mode but before committing, just leave the HOLD mode.
  • If you want to revert changes made after committing then your only option is to preemptively save a snapshot before committing.
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I see. Thanks for clarifying.