Can't find the way to record audio on looper like this?

Hi, I was just starting to test the looper unit, and what I wanted is to punch in a current stream of audio and then work with, like in this video :

Is there any video I can check on details how to do it ? I think @NeilParfitt video about the looper is from the first version of the software … otherwise any explanation will be much appreciated, thanks guys

Working with the Looper Unit hasn’t really changed. Same process:


Plug your input source into IN1

using channel 1, set the input to IN1

  1. Add a Looper Unit
  2. assign a buffer file
  3. set to dub to 1 for 100% input signal
  4. set wet to 1 (100% looper playback, 0% passthrough monitor of IN1)
    5)) Punch!

Here’s a quick unlisted youtube vid:


Thanks @NeilParfitt you are awesome !

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How do you get to slice the incoming buffer ?

you have to use the same audio buffer in a sample player unit and slice the audio there. keep the looper and sample player units inside of their own mixers so you can turn down the looper and just hear the sample player when needed.

gotcha, thanks !