Cant get midi import to work..!

Hey Brian / others

I’m struggling with importing midi files to the er-102.

I’m using Logic Pro X on an iMac and have made a composition with 4 midi tracks.

I’ve tried configuration of the .ini file / reducing number of notes / with and without independent midi channel assignments in Logic, but everytime I load the snapshot, only track 1 gets notes, and mostly puts all midi tracks on that same track in a consecutive order.

As I’m working on a mac, i only have the program called “text edit”. I have renamed the file from .rtf to .ini and chenged the file-type, however I’m not sure if thats where the problem is, as i have also tried a number of imports with all four tracks on midi channel 1, 2, 3 and 4, all in same midi file. Maybe i need another program to write .ini files?

I dont know if Logic Pro X is exporting the right midi format, but it seems so - as it’s supposed to export smf type 0, when exporting individual tracks - and smf type 2, when exporting multiple tracks at once.

Here is the composition as a collected midi file, as well as the individual tracks and an .ini file. (6.7 KB)

I hope you can help! Thanks!

I just noticed that some of the channels actually have two notes on same track at the same time.! Does that have anything to do with it? :scream_cat:

If anyone has recommendations for software i can use on a mac for these tasks, its also very welcome :slight_smile: thanks!

One thing that I noticed right away, your simple.ini file is still actually an RTF file and not a raw TXT file. If you google “create plain text file on mac”, you can get some instructions on how to create the kind of text files the ER-102 needs. For example:

Also, you should probably avoid filenames with spaces. Instead of “simple 1.mid”, please use “simple-1.mid”.

Hey Brian!

Thanks a lot for your response.! However - I still cant make it work :confused:

So far, best result i managed to get, was only using a short loop of midi notes, exporting four individual SMF0 type midi files / one per track and the right type .ini file. However, pattern 1 is consequently 100 blank patterns on every track, and I cant figure out what the max capacity of notes is (every track on my composition is max 1000 notes - from the manual it’s 10.000 notes per channel max, right?).

What I really want to, is being able to just transfer a simple 4-voice SMF1 to the ER-102 like the “simple mode” from the manual, without .ini files.

Can you tell whats wrong with this midi file? ER-102 says “too big” when im trying to just simply load it into a snapshot. (1.4 KB)

Where does it say this? The correct maximum is 2000 steps per snapshot.

ahh… okay, so thats the problem? is it per track or in total? I thought it was 10.000 as theres 100 patterns with 100 steps in each, right?

You can have 100 patterns. Yes.
You can put 100 steps in a pattern. Yes.
However, you cannot exceed 2000 steps over all 4 tracks.

Your simple.mid file does have too many steps. Also, the first note of track #1 starts after 192 beats of rest.

I would recommend starting with a much simpler file and work up from there.

Ok, thanks Brian! It makes sense now!

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