Can't seem to effectively control pan with a gain bias control....?

Need some help here…I’ve created a custom unit for a multi sample drum kit with a variety of samples on each varispeed sample player, with top level faders in the custom unit to select the sample, adjust the pitch, volume, and pan. Figuring out the gain and bias ranges for sample selection was a doozy, but i got through it after an embarrassing amount of time. (Each one needed to be different based on how many samples i selected for each varispeed… there’s clearly some math formula at work here that i eventually (sorta) figured out. There’s 30 or 40 samples on each.)

Got everything working with the bias controls for sample selection, pitch, and volume but i can’t seem to get the panning to work. I’ve maxed out the gains of the bias control in the custom unit and for the mapped parameters, tried increasing the gain ranges, tried mapping the control to either the pan of the mixer units and/or the pan of VCAs, and anything else i could think of, but the most panning i can achieve with a local control is pretty small, far short of hard left and hard right. With the gain of the gain bias control and the gain of the mapped parameter set to any level, .1, 1, 10, 100 etc.

Can anybody help me out of this fog? Thank you so much!

Did you figure this one out?

Nope! Would love some help.

The panning option is available in a stereo pair of outputs. Link two channels together and then in the simplest form adding a mono mixer will provide you with a pan feature.

I placed a sine wave onto the pan control, reduced the base Frq and set gain to 2. With these settings the audio path present at the mixer panned hard left and right

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