Card Player - Can't trigger after chain save


It seems that everytime I have a card player and I save the chain, the player stops and the sample can’t be triggered. Only loading the chain again brings the Card Player to start working again.
Am I missing something here? Anyone else had this issue?


Issue created. I’ll take a look over the next few days.

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i seem to remember having had a similar thing with the card player: sometimes it would stop looping and the only way to restart would be to reload the file.
This was on the latest 0.5 firmware, in a patch with 3 or 4 card players playing simultaneously, and the whole patch was rather high on CPU.
IIRC, the bug with card player occurred when saving/loading a snapshot of the patch, not during normal operation. Maybe it’s related ? At the time I ascribed it to excessive i/o activity on the sd card and did not think twice about it.

Looks like I need more details on your patch. I tested a single Card Player in mono and stereo chains, repeatedly saving and loading the chain but not once did it stop the Card Player.

i’m away from my synth right now but i still have the patch and will look into it next week.