CardOne: An O|D Community Project

So, I thought this might be a cool, fun, and useful community project to enhance the ER-301 experience. Create an image/archive of samples for use with the ER-301. The dream would be to have a zip image file we could post on the wiki, and that any ER-301 user could download and have an instant collection of fun samples to work with.

What you would do
Submit samples! Anything that you would find personally useful in creating with the ER-301. The one cardinal rule would be let’s keep it legal and on the up and up. I.e. make sure anything you upload is free to be (re)distributed and used for whatever reason, with no strings attached, including things like having to cite the author. I would want anyone to feel confident that they could use this library in any of their works and publish them anywhere without having to worry about it. So if it’s something you’ve sampled yourself, great. If it’s something you download from the internet, make sure you check the license and even contact the author if you’re not sure. Take this as your responsibility.

Also include a straight .txt file with your forum name, and a few notes about the source of the sample and anything you think we should know. I could provide some kind of short template. If this goes well, perhaps we’ll beg Brian to make some kind of super-lightweight txt file reader so they could be read on the 301 directly. Including an ER-301 slice file might also be a good value add in some cases.

What I would do
Aside from contributing some samples myself, I would volunteer to be a curator of sorts. Just essentially help to categorize and put some kind of folder structure around it so that it’s easy to find things, and do a bit of version control. Of course if anyone want to help with this, that would be welcome too.

I’m thinking there are some top level categories such as:

  • Single Cycle Waveforms
  • Loops
  • One shots
  • Collections (e.g. drum kits, instrument sample libraries, etc.)
  • Field recordings

And then I guess we could create subcategories as needed depending on the volume and nature of contributions.

So at this point, I’m just trying to gauge interest. None of the ideas are set in stone - just a topic starter. What are your thoughts? Would you participate? What have I forgotten?


Excellent idea!
I’m working on a little sample pack of one shots from folktek matter and mutable instruments elements right now!


Great idea :slight_smile:

I had a think and the only thing I can think of to add, which is possibly quite unique to the ER-301, is recorded CV - sequences, envelopes, trigger patterns etc…


I’ve just started my Er 301 journey and finding samples seems to be the most tiresome part (I’ve not worked with samples much previously). This sounds like a great idea and as I develop my sampling skills and what I hope to be a reasonably unique approach, I’d love to share too.

I’m in!

Great idea! I was briefly part of the Zynthian community after building one of their open source synth boxes. They have done something like this for their own open source platform and I planned to port some of that content to the ER-301 (since it’s all open source and available anyway). It’s chock full of amazing instruments and samples. One of the most interesting things are the samples of real instruments that have loop points for wind instruments and strings and so forth.


It seems like we have a great deal of enthusiasm for this! :star_struck: Honestly, I probably have a lifetime’s worth of stuff that I could sample, so I hope this project will go on for some time. That said, I’m personally going to shoot to have a first crop of samples ready, and make a push to get out a preliminary version of CardOne in the next 2-3 weeks. At that point we can gather some feedback about the format/organization, make any needed course corrections, etc.

I hope you will join me in the contributing to the first round. I’ve created a folder out on my OneDrive account. There’s plenty of space there. Just PM me and I will send you the link and the password, and you can start uploading. My plan is to review this periodically, and move things out of this incoming folder into their place in the archive. Once the first draft is ready, I’ll post it here and on the wiki, and we can just replace the whole thing in future versions.

I also posted a sample readme.txt in the root of the OneDrive folder. The idea would be you’d create a folder for each set of samples, and fill out the readme.txt that will go in that folder - as little or as much as you want, really. Even if it’s only one sample, please create a folder for it anyway, and put the wave file and the readme.txt in it.

Same here, @yoyosandshoes. The samples I’ve worked with are mostly in huge ready-to-play libraries, like Kontakt for example. I’ve had my 301 for nearly a year and the SD card has surprisingly little samples. I figure this will inspire me to spend some time filling it up with useful stuff.


The CardOne project is off to a slower start than I had hoped. But it is moving! So far, myself and @mopoco are the only ones to add any samples. We could definitely use your help, both with sample contributions and project direction.

Here is a read only link to what’s there so far - feel free to peruse. You’ll still need to PM me for a password to the contribute link, because I don’t want to have a cloud share that anyone who stumbles across the link can upload to.

CardOne - Read Only

Here are a few discussion points:

  1. It is already starting to feel like the top level category/folder structure might be a bit too ambiguous. Thoughts on a better top level structure? So far everything went into “Collections”.

  2. Should we have any kind of guidelines in terms of the folllowing?

-file sizes
-folder sizes
-number of samples in a given folder
-artistic quality
-technical quality

@mopoco has purposely uploaded one collection that he thought might be controversial in some of these respects as a point of discussion. “Useful” is always going to be subjective. But are there any guidelines that would generally keep CardOne most useful to the most people?

  1. I know it’s tough to make time for this - I’ve struggled with it pesonally. While I can’t make free time for you :slight_smile: , is there anything about the contribution process that could be refined to make it easier?

It is literally just time… and some pretty heavy demands on it at the moment; if you write an ER-301 bespoke unit to control time - then you can have as many samples as you like :smiley:


I tried, but all I came up with was a delay unit. :slight_smile:


Hehe, some of the people I am working for at the moment (a rather large university here in the UK) seem to have an abundance of those :joy:


made this little kit of sounds, like 90 one shots of clicks and ticks from folktek matter. made it to throw on my digitakt and er301.
feel free to add it to this archive. idk if we need folktek’s permission?


This is great! And you’ve reminded me that I have ~1500 one-shot samples from my Basimilus Iteritas Alter I should cull and contribute.

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Awesome, thanks @bjlogic, I’ll check them out and add them. Though I’m not a lawyer or anything, I would assume if the matter is not sample based with proprietary factory samples, then there would be no license issue with including samples that you created by recording it. So far, I have been including a text file in each folder that tells where they came from or how they were made, so could be some publicity for folktek if someone likes the samples enough to go buy the thing that made them.

@desolationjones - That would be awesome!

Good to see some contributions coming in! I have made some additions in the form of deconstructing a couple of large, freely distributable sound fonts into their component wave files. I think the link above is still available if anyone wants to provide feedback.

I am thinking about eliminating the Collections top level folder. It seems everything coming in is some kind of “collection”, and so everything is getting routed into it, so it seems redundant. Any thoughts?

Edit: As a side note, one of the sound fonts is 1900+ wave files that are currently in a flat structure. I noticed when trying to navigate it that scrolling is pretty unwieldy. I also discovered SHIFT+encoder will take you to the top or bottom of the list. While these probably need to be sorted into sub-folders, I haven’t missed any navigation shortcuts like page up/down, have I, @odevices?


No but I can try adding something that uses the fine/coarse button.


So, I think we have enough samples gathered to put the first version of CardOne out there. Huge thanks to @mopoco, @bjlogic, @AtomicMurkin, and @Bparticle for contributing samples in this first round!

I have just done away with the initially proposed directory structure because I found it unhelpful in categorizing samples at this point. Instead there are just folders in the root that correspond to the way the contributor grouped them. Right now, there are 10 folders, and just shy of 2.0Gb worth of samples. You’ll figure it out. :slight_smile:

I’ve created a new wiki page with the download link, and started a version history.

CardOne on O|D Wiki

Let me know if anyone has trouble obtaining the archive. And I hope it inspires you. If it does, please consider adding something to the archive! I’ll plan to do an update when there are enough new contributions.


Nice! Thanks for this. I only uploaded a fraction of the collection so far because of technical problems but will upload the rest soon for the second round.

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Thanks @Joe and also @mopoco , @bjlogic, @AtomicMurkin and @Bparticle. Downloading now. Good of you all to make such an effort.

First version suggest a series? I had good intentions to sift through a variety of ethnographic recordings from the Sierra Mazateca and Upper Amazon to offer, but time constraints won out.

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I’m hoping we can expand it over time. So yes, feel free to contribute!

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roger that, thanks again!

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