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CardOne: An O|D Community Project


@Bparticle was able to overcome the technical challenges and complete the upload of the no budget orchestra. The archive has been updated now, and the archive has gone from 2 Gb to over 7 Gb. I have not had time to preview these yet but they look very well organized. Thanks @Bparticle!

The links remain unchanged.



I’ll definitely continue to contribute more files as I find the time in between family & work!

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Yep, I hear you. The main challenge I’ve had is that I find creating/gathering/organizing samples sort of excruciatingly boring. I had to really force myself to spend the time on it vs. building patches or units or whatever.

That said, having this archive on my SD ready to use is already a HUGE benefit. Feels like it has multiplied the power of my 301 - my whole modular, really, by several times.



This sample pack thread, just seen it for the first time. Are you guys still compiling and if so would you like some field recordings by way of a contribution



It hasn’t been updated for a little while but contributions are always welcome.



Ok then, I’ll rummage around my archieves and put together something for your consideration as fodder for the second release of CardOne.



wouldn’t that be CardTwo then?



Ok ok ok…



Do you want field samples that offer modular fluctuations driven by a envelope follower? Or, from which you can extract single cycle wave forms.



I do! Thanks



Who wants what?

When @Joe and @anon83620728 were bending the knowledge curve concerning sample scanner, Jeeez how about that as a mixing bowl …

Field recordings have more than just one potential…

You can have it as a sample, or if I take the time, have it as a single cycle wave form, put through Brian’s almighty algorithm :+1::+1:

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You will have



Have you heard the sound of a engine blustering through a forest , here and there, up and down, left and right, near and far…



The golden rule: just make sure it’s legal for redistribution and that anyone who wants to use it in their music can do so without any strings attached. If these are field recordings you did yourself, shouldn’t be an issue (unless you sampled your TV, radio, or a live concert or something).

The guideline: Use your best judgment for quality, file size, etc.

Other than that, I have no particular asks. Like you say, it’s modular. One person may go through a sample looking for single cycles. Another might extract a pitch envelope out of it and then use that to CV their video synth. :dolphin:



Outrageous,…if you synth’d a CV from extracted pitch and then enveloped it into a video… really… would anybodyy notice



Yes sir, unique field recordings…
If I hesitate it’s only because these recordiñgs are unorthodox.

They are here and I will put them up for you, soon. Recorded from Northumberland to Morroco, as samples or if you bend… as waveforms, for you as material like brown trout from the stream to do with what you like

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@joncharliefeathers: did you already delivered what you promised? :wink:
i wouldn’t have asked if there hasn’t been two incidents that will legitimize a reanimation of this discussion.

first of:
@Flux302 handed me over some samples that we are allowed to put on the next itteration of this
OD Community project because he was secretly a big fan of it from the very beginning. it is not what he promised elsewhere, which was a fluxonian collection for the er301 that will eventually turn up at some later point, i believe.
we’ve discussed this at some point and i had the opportunity to ask @odevices personally:
if we choose to like the idea, Brian would move CardOne and further itterations to a storage that he owns.
we discussed the possibilities of categorizing inside the collections.
a) one fine day i thought to myself: we could try to make the structure of the collections uniform, as we already have tried.
but do we have to? or could each collection develop its own ‘character’. would an alphabetically ordered structure be ok? and so on…
what do you think?
b) when we released CardOne the way it is, i promised @Joe that i would continue to think about a ‘useful’ structure. these are my findings so far, not suggesting that it should lead to the structure of the next card ! (at the moment i’d rather opt for a more interesting idea)



Hello old friend @mopoco. You are right to ask and I need a good kick up the !! No, not delivered yet so, without further ado, will dedicate this weekend to it​:grin::+1::two_hearts:



take your time!:slightly_smiling_face:
just wanted you to know that we love to see you on the next ship!
also: any ideas on the other news?



Yes @mopoco I agree with you concerning the matter of structure. Let’s consider, moving among folders is easier than scrolling an extensive list. But to insure your work load is not congested with so many files, perhaps those who offer samples for consideration might place them in folders for your convenience.

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