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CardOne: An O|D Community Project


@Bparticle was able to overcome the technical challenges and complete the upload of the no budget orchestra. The archive has been updated now, and the archive has gone from 2 Gb to over 7 Gb. I have not had time to preview these yet but they look very well organized. Thanks @Bparticle!

The links remain unchanged.


I’ll definitely continue to contribute more files as I find the time in between family & work!


Yep, I hear you. The main challenge I’ve had is that I find creating/gathering/organizing samples sort of excruciatingly boring. I had to really force myself to spend the time on it vs. building patches or units or whatever.

That said, having this archive on my SD ready to use is already a HUGE benefit. Feels like it has multiplied the power of my 301 - my whole modular, really, by several times.


This sample pack thread, just seen it for the first time. Are you guys still compiling and if so would you like some field recordings by way of a contribution


It hasn’t been updated for a little while but contributions are always welcome.


Ok then, I’ll rummage around my archieves and put together something for your consideration as fodder for the second release of CardOne.