Caterina Barbieri talk and performance

Ableton just released a video of Caterina Barbieri’s talk and performance at Loop 2017. She doesn’t talk in detail about the ER-101 in the interview, but for ER-101 users it’s interesting to watch her performance (starting at 17:20 of the video). There’s also a top view camera, so sometimes you can see in detail what she’s doing.




Thank you for posting this. :heart_eyes:

So much subtlety!
So much story!
So much poise!

I’m honored that the ER-101 is in her arsenal. :man_dancing:


Agreed. It really makes perfect sense that er-101 seems central in her system, given the focus on minimalism, and pattern structures.

Very cool!

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It must be such a great feeling to create these tools and then to watch and hear what amazing artists like here are doing with them. Congrats Brian!

BTW: I received my ER-101/102/301 a few days ago. To me hearing Caterina’s music was the deciding factor to learn more about the ER-101 and to finally order it. I have a lot to learn, but so far I love everything about it!


thanks! i don’t get that system, there’s not a single vca in it…:thinking:

In the SOS interview, she talks about her use of Gates (presumably from the ER-101) to control which notes of the continuous pattern are allowed through.

Also, in the video she mentioned how her starting point was more of an Eastern ‘drone’ than Western ‘plucked string’.

I found some parts of the performance quite beautiful - trancendental even!

I’m seriously considering the Verbos Harmonic Oscillator now too!

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ja that’s why i was so interested, i expected er101 gates into the harmonic oscillator to gate the different harmonics, but i don’t see that. anyway, good performance!

A-135-1 Voltage Controlled Mixer / Quad VCA. i first thought it’s the matrix mixer from doepfer. all clear now, great setup!

CVing/gating the harmonics modulation inputs of the Harmonic Oscillator is one way, but I think she just grabs the individual harmonics outs and gates these signals at a later stage. At 00:52 for instance you can see and hear that she’s using the individual out of harmonics 8 (into Echophon).

I can highly recommend the Harmonic Oscillator: warm, lively sound and highly playable.