Chain snapshots under CV control?

Is there a possibility to chain snapshot by cv-controlled? I know it’s possible to do it manually with the commit button but I’d like to be able to do it in cv to chain the snapshot as in a song mode.

No it is not possible. :bowing_man:

Thank you Brian.
Could this be possible in an future updated? Would that be really useful?

Hmm. Chaining a snapshot means that you have to go into HOLD mode, select a snapshot, LOAD it and then decide whether to COMMIT it immediately or at the end of the current step, pattern or track. How could this process be controlled by external CV? and why?

Why? For live set. Here is my method (which may not be the right one yet). I have several pieces of 60 patterns per snapshot and it’s just to chain them without having to worry about doing it manually.
Probably because I’m too lazy :slight_smile: I’m just going to get used to doing it manually with the Hold mode and commit.

So this implies to me that you don’t want it to be under CV control but rather to be encoded in your sequence somehow? :thinking:


Sorry for my confusing previous posts.
But it will suit me much more than it is possible to chain the snapshot internally. As in a song mode on most sequencers. This will make possible to change the sequence with different scales for example (unless it is possible to apply a scale by pattern)

So, is it possible to program chain snapshots? :sweat_smile:

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Oops. Totally forgot to reply to this. It is not possible at the moment but it might be in the future. It would be quite a substantial update so it won’t be soon! :bowing_man: There are also a good number of design decisions that I would have to think through since there are quite a number of ways to go about this…

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Thank you very much Brian.
It’s not in a hurry, and I guess it’s a lot of work for something that may not seem to you that much.
If I find a better way to proceed I will not hesitate to keep you informed. Thanks again.

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