Chains, presets and custom units

Hello everyone, is there some discussion somewhere regarding the differences and benefits of chains, presets and custom units? I’ve searched the forums, but it’s still not clear to me. I built a simple subtractive synth voice thinking it would be a custom unit, but it ended up just being a chain. It works fine, so I’m not sure what I’m missing. Also, in the top “layer”, I’ve defined cv destinations, but I had hoped I would have access on that layer to change values manually, but that doesn’t seem to work. For instance, I set up an envelope with cv control - I can see the settings, but I can’t change the values unless I go deep into the chain and select them there. Same with tune, which would be handy to have access to right at the top most layer. Thanks!

Bringing controls that are nested deep within a chain to the top is one of the main benefits of Custom Units. However, none of this is automatic. You have to essentially design your own Custom Unit.

Have you gone through this tutorial yet?

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I’ll try this right now. Thanks!

There is also a good introduction of the Custom Unit inside Joe’s “Solo Trumpet Performance” tutorial:

This was made more recently and has pictures :wink: