Challenge - Create a Doppler Effect

I really like Mutable Instruments Warps, amongst other things the Parasite firmware introduces a Doppler effect.

Is this possible with the ER-301?

Wikipedia page to refresh my memory:

yeah i think you could pull this off with the skewed sin envelope or similar controlling the pitch of a sample player and VCA to create that… mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeoooowwwwwwwwww combination of rise and fall of volume and pitched sound .

Yeah… intuitively I feel the same; I might have a read of the parasites code or chat to Matthias about it, I can’t quite get my head around it completely at the moment :slight_smile:

I hope Matthias gets an ER-301 and becomes interested in the SDK if/when that comes out. :slight_smile: His alternative firmware is great for the Xaoc Batumi and the Mutable stuff. (sorry that was slightly off topic, ha)

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The Variable Delay unit is essentially using the Doppler effect simulation to change delay time smoothly.

  • Decreasing delay is equivalent to a source moving towards the listener.
  • Increasing delay is equivalent to a source moving away from the listener.
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Oh, yes, of course… that makes total sense - thank you!

So it’s a question of getting the settings and modulation right, I will have a play :slight_smile:

Maybe a slight difference in phase between left/right would make an otherwise realistic modulation shape sound even more realistic in that patch…

Always finding new viable ways to embarrass myself… here we go:


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Terrifying thoughts. Haha!

Heh. Nice one, Neil!

I do hope that car is on the way to the mechanic. :smiley_cat:

Excellent - I think I laughed more in these 7 minutes than in any of your other videos :joy_cat:

Thank you!!!

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I call rocket ship on a train.

Neil – don’t change a thing, ever :smiley: Thanks, love the videos!

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I would love to watch a stand up comedy routine, just Neil and his ER-301 on stage (OK, and maybe the cat too).