Change total duration for steps in a pattern

I’m very new at this so I’m still trying to learn the basics but lets say I have a pattern that is 8 steps long and i have altered/reduced the duration of each to add some swing but i want the total duration of the sequence to line up with another sequence. Is there a way to tell the 101 what I want the total duration to be and it will add the appropriate lengths to each duration? Let me know if this doesn’t make sense and I can try and give you an example. Maybe I’m way off here conceptually though. Just got mine last night and i’ve only spent an hour with it after reading the manual once. Thanks!

Edit: I know I could use reset for this but was just curious if there was a way to get the total duration of the sequence set to a particular length after you have messed with it a lot.

I don’t know / don’t think so. But, there is a function that helps you to prevent that kind of situation. I would have to look the short cut up in the manual too atm, but you can decrease/increment the duration of one step and automatically add/subtract that same amount from the very next step. So the over all duration of your pattern stays the same, because you basically just shift the borderline between two steps.

Right. And that feature is indeed awesome. I was just curious if there was also a way to intelligently alter the total duration as well. No biggie. I’ll just have to either use the method you mentioned or use a reset. Thanks!

I don’t think so. You make an 8 step sequence, remember, each step can be up to 99 clock pulses long. It all gets tricky when it’s new. But, keep at it. You soon start to modify steps and step lengths more fluently in time,:joy:

Edit: if you focus the pattern, press and hold the pattern button, 101 will display a useful value in the voltage led, duration for that pattern. This will certainly help in marrying to other sequences

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