Changes to editing in sample player in 0.3.15

Installed 301 about 4 days ago. Got up & running pretty quick with chaining units and using the sample player to slice up beats and then some… installed version 0.3.15 - loving the revisions and can now access the custom units I so desire…however, now struggling somewhat with slicing, moving the playback head and zooming. Anyone fancy posting a quick demo? (Is that cheeky?) Otherwise, I feel like quitting my job, divorcing my family and locking myself away with the 301 for a few months - what a magical thing it is if you like building things.


In reply to my own post - now have it all rockin, but still can’t find the old zoom function.

Hold the KNOBMODE button down and turn the knob. Both vertical and horizontal zoom are available. :wink:


Beautiful! Thank you Brian :+1:t2: