Changing the order of sample chains

Nice one! I have a question here that I always think about when creating a buffer from multiple samples and never remember to ask. There’s currently no way to control the order in which they are assembled into the buffer, is there? I think they are just pushed in by their file name sort order?

Thanks as always for the fixes and enhancements!

Not on the ER-301 but you can save the sample chain and then open the resulting *.multi file in a text editor and change the order there easily.

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So, create a new buffer of from multiple samples. Save buffer. It creates a .wav and a .multi file on the SD.

Edit the .multi file. Re-arrange.

Does re-loading the .wav file from the SD cause it to read the .multi file and create a new buffer rather than just using the existing buffer as defined by the .wav file?

Saving a sample chain does not create a new WAV file.

Interesting. OK I’ll have a play and let you know if I have more questions. Assuming this will make more sense after I try it. :slight_smile:

At the moment a sample chain (actually called a multi-sample in ER-301 land) is just a Lua script that returns an array of file paths to WAV files.


Got it. OK, I think I was confusing saving the sample chain with saving the buffer for a moment there.

This knowledge will come in handy I think. E.g with Single Cycle, sometimes is nice to create these multi-samples on the ER-301 where it’s easy to preview them. But also nice to be able to control their order since some morph to other wave forms more nicely/smoothly than others.

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It would be fun to create a Max app/utility for reordering or creating chains of « single cycle waveforms » and then generate a .multi file out of that. At some point I considered Max for generating random « sample chains » for the 301 but the way it handles sub-folders was not satisfying enough and immediate for that (so I ended up doing that with a very rough Lua script haha).

That being said, having the ability to visually tweak, re-order, preview the waveforms or samples in Max to make them morph/coincide together the way you want and then export this to a .multi might be quite « easily » done. I might look into it soon :slight_smile:

I think that an envelope generator has been created by chapelierfou not so long ago, Max is probably a very good and appropriate tool to do that.