Channel latency


Maybe I’ve done something silly, but I’ve tried all that I can think of.

I have used the varispeed sampler on channel 2 to cut up (slice) a breakbeat, and have sequenced it using my Cirklon, which works fine.

However, when I copy (save and reload) the same chain from the second to the third channel and copy the sequence on my Cirklon, the third channel is significantly (~12ms) delayed when compared to the audio output on channel 2 (which is exactly the same chain, units and sample).

When I copy (save and reload) the same chain to channel 4 the problem seems to disappear.

I’m using v4.11 so there may be a bug, but I’ve tried all that I can think of and am stuck.

Any help appreciated.


Just to be sure:

Do you have any delays anywhere in your patch?
Did you confirm that the latency is in the ER-301 and not downstream by swapping the output cables for channels 3 and 4?

I have a uDelay in the subchain of the varispeed sampler’s trig input to allow the cv to be interpreted first but that is copied with the chain and so shouldn’t generate this behaviour.

I double checked the unit settings, swapped cables to eliminate downstream effects and generally troubleshot but I can’t see anything…

I’ll come back to it tomorrow when I’m fresher - maybe I’ve done something stupid. But I thought I’d ask in case this is a known bug…

If it turns out to be in the ER-301, then it is definitely not known bug.

Some more diagnostic questions:
Are all trigger subchains fed with the same external input?
Does the latency survive a quicksave/quickload cycle?

Feel free to get back to me when you are fresh.

Yes I tried the same input for each channel. That doesn’t appear to be the problem…

However, as a computer scientist I am disappointed in myself that I haven’t tried turning it off and back on again. Clearly I’m tired. :smiley:

I’ll revisit tomorrow and get back to you if it’s still an issue.

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