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Chaos / Rungler Unit?


Hi i was wondering if its possible to make a Chaos circuit - something like the Chaotica or a Lorenz circuit. I know Ian Fritz is pretty clued up with Chaos theory. Anyway i came across this thread on MW which has some mathematical calculations added - https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=188899&start=all&postdays=0&postorder=asc

The other unit i’m interested in is Rungler unit and wondering whether a Benjolin or Blippoo could be made into a Unit. I know a digital shift registor is required to do that.


heres Rob Hordijk explaining chaos theory and how he designed his rungler circuit https://youtu.be/gls5eug9P9M




I’m hoping to get a 301 with the next batch and a Rungler or similar unit would be really sweet to have in it.


Im happy now i have a Chaos operator in Teletype


Don’t make me buy a Teletype :wink:


This is awesome @mudlogger - I had no idea!! :smile:

Resistance is futile @myecholalia :joy:


this was using it to create a rhythm using the cellular automata algorithm

and a different one here


The Chaos op was coded by Ezra Buchla.
That module is genius paired with Just Friends and a Grid with Just Type (no patch cables).

Just Friends / Just Type Studies here:

never mind all the sequencers that run directly from teletype to grid.