Chat gpt for the er-301

someone was going to ask maybe.

any chat gpt? it’s pretty easy to programme anyway, but…

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it seems to be able to write lua code for you.

interesting overlaps.

I’ve been thinking about using it but not yet, at the very least it could definitely save a ton of typing when putting a unit together

I’ve experimented with using it to write code in some other contexts and it’s truly remarkable how good it is at understanding even very complex code in other languages, lua is a lot simpler so it should be able to breeze through it

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I recently used ChatGPT to help me breeze through a Norns script (written in Lua). Which was awesome. But I am seasoned programmer who was able to course correct it as it inevitably got small details incorrect. I think as a productivity boost for folks who understand what’s going on inside the 301, it’s a totally awesome lever to pull and I fully anticipate utilizing it in some capacity to help contribute to the community.

However, it could be problematic if you’re trying to use it coming in as a newcomer. This is a ship you really need to know how to steer; otherwise you will likely hit walls and get frustrated.

There is an interesting discussion happening over on the lines forum I recommend checking out. fwiw, they are largely against it in their community, especially for beginners.


I’m guessing it’s too error prone for non programmers to rely on with c++, which is a shame, because, if I understand what the low-level SDK is, you could end up doing anything you wanted, CPU permitting. I tried learning lua but got distracted. Have asked chat-gpt to write some lua code and looking at the results it looks simple enough to rely on in this instance, but I haven’t tested it yet, and yeah, looking at the above thread, probably just junk code.

Whoaw I hadn’t considered this option yet. I tried it out with some front-end javascript development but was underwhelmed by the freedom it takes with specs. I guess this should be less of a problem with lower level languages that tend to be more stable. Anyway, interesting times for sure, might give it a try.

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All I’m thinking really is that it’s a good opportunity to say “chat gpt did this” in eurorack. Yes, that is facile, but amusing, and collaborations can be fun!

A lot of attention is being paid to whether ChatGPT can write accurate or working Lua code, but it’s worth pointing out: you can also try prompting it to put together ER-301 patches out of existing units. For example, you might want to try asking it to put together a complex oscillator patch using ER-301, or an FM patch, or ask it to recreate Nebulae v2 or Cold Mac using ER-301, etc. As with all things LLM, results and accuracy will vary wildly and hallucination reigns, but it often gives you a solid enough starting point to connect the dots on your own or explore/research further.