Cheaper, cpu friendly versions of loopers to use to sample only clocks\gates\trigs?

hey, today i was building some tools for rhythm manipulation.
basically looping gates with grid quantization and overdub controlled by other internal or external units. all done as global chains so i can use them to trigger percussive samples.

question:given that what i sample are just gates i think that using one of the available loopers is a bit overkill. would it be possible to have versions of dub and or feedback looper with lower specs and fewer parameters? that might lower the cpu even more (i’m not complaining, with two channels i barely hit 15%) but, you know, optimization :slight_smile:
or is it a silly idea?

here the results of the gate looper (2x), very basic but you can have an idea

patch notes:
here 301’s feedback loopers are used to sample and loop (and pseudo-randomly overdub) gates that i play by hand on a nanokontrol’s buttons thru an expert sleepers fh-1. the gates are quantized to a master clock as is all the looping features.
the real time and\or looped gates are sent to two sample players playing percussions. when i want i turn on the loopers’wet parameter and i hear the looped version. then i can overdub when i want to and layer hits on hits. if i don’t overdub it automatically overdubs with silence, so you can hear the pattern slowly emptying out of percussions.
the percussion hits get sparser and sparser (in a very natural way) until the buffer is totally empty, and i can start again from scratch :slight_smile:

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I think this a valid idea @hyena :+1: Unfortunately, I think it has to wait until the I get some of the more urgent things off the list.

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no problems at all Brian, i can fairly use it as it is, but yes, i think having some dedicated “lo-fi” samplers just to mess with gates might be an interesting option. of course then we’ll try to abuse it also for sampling audio lolz :smiley: