Chopp - audio chopper custom effect

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an audio chopper custom unit, place it after your external inputs or sound source, assign a clock and then set your chop division with mult and div parameters then set the length of the active chops with the pw slider. enjoy some chop chop stuttery effect!



  • clock: here you assign the clock used to control chopp or fire it manually
  • div: here you set a division of the clock in integers
  • mult: here you set a multiplication of the clock in integers
  • pw: here you set the pulse width of the active audible chops
    cpu: about 3%
    firmware: 0.4.23
    requires: Accents

chopp.unit (11.1 KB)


Cool beans hyena!

Anyway to make a dedicated fire button? That way you can punch in and out of chopp mode while always maintaining the clock sync?

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hmmm nice idea! but how you’d implement that? elaborate :slight_smile:

just to add some context:
this unit uses a track and hold unit, the same can be done(maybe more easily) with a simple vca and a pulse wave but this came out of a topic in which i was explaining how to use s&h and t&h to decimate audio…

You could insert a mixer, with vcas for both dry and wet signal (I guess you’d need a mixer for each inside your mixer?). send a gate that opens wet vca and invert it for dry vca. I did something similar to this in the past but I cannot remember exactly what I did, it was along those lines though. So in this case, the effect would always be on, but you would only hear it when sending a gate. This does however require an external signal and not just a fire button included in the unit on the 301.


just getting back to my 301… fantastic unit man!

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thanks, simple but can be fun :slight_smile:

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