Chopping samples

I just got the ER-301 today. My focus is mainly sampling and slicing drums. Any tips ya’ll can give.

Watching closely here, something I would like to try out on the 301 as well. Pretty new in terms of knowledge with the 301, been able to get samples to play and can see the slicing options, but haven’t explored them much.

What type of stuff do you make DSTL18?

I make Lofi-ish hop hop and electronic music. Have been excited to get the ER-301 for a long time. I just needed a fresh approach when it came to sampling.

I’ve been using my ER-301 to do this lately, it really excels at it (along with many other things). In the linked video, I am sequencing the sample with the ER-101. The kick, snare, and hi-hats are from a Tony Allen record and the congas are from a 60’s Brazilian percussion record.

I have the 101 triggering each sample from 4 separate Vari-speed sample players. I ran each sampler through a Unipolar VCA modulated by an ADSR (also triggered by corresponding 101 track) to better shape it and remove any clicks. There is a short delay slightly modulated by an LFO on the parent drum chain phasing them, as well as a clocked delay on the hi-hats with the wet/dry modulated by Pressure Points. The sampler makes it pretty easy to place slices, and the slice menu allows for more methods of slicing and audio editing.

@NeilParfitt also has a great tutorial video that goes over a lot of this.

There’s also some more info on this thread:

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Wow! This is great! This is the kinda stuff I want to do. Thank you for sharing this.

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Yeah, thanks man - some good info in here to explore. Neil’s videos are always a good starting point. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend - lol.

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*every weekend :rofl:

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+1 for the tips !
Who makes that black bear module, i absolutely love it !
Is it controlled through the new wifi implant technology ?

Edit: Sorry, i didnt see any ins/outs/knobs and im a newbie at trying to make a joke.
In all seriousness though, yes to cool community and participation !

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I just hope people will keep stepping into this idea to share their creations. It will help OD(brian alot. Not everyone has the time to try re-invent the wheel…

FUN & Peace .

to the lucky users: lots of people bought older modules with a sense of promise that there would be open sharing of “patches”. Such as many such as(again) well, in perspective, ardcore + expander cost over $500…or zdsp, people didnt share much at all…
And if your creation is so precious to make you a star, maybe you could even think of offering it for a price ?
You will most likely make more money doing that than playing your music.
Sharing is caring, right ?

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I was never really aware of other modules promising those sorts of things, but maybe I’m just out of the loop. That’s definitly one of the things that drew me to the er-301 though. The community is always very open any willing to share - without another price tag attached!

I think it’s largely due to the fact that those programming the patches seem to be users and enthusiasts rather than paid, commissioned programmers/preset-makers.

Eggshells under my feet.

Im not worthy lol…

All i really meant to say is er301 comunity is great and i hope it keeps going that way.

I was saying its easy for the buyer to “have that sense of promise”. I did not make any insinuation against any particular manufacturer or developer. Nevermind. Thanks for Pointing out the confusion.

Just meant it would be nice if the other master coders would at least sell some of their creations for the various platforms. Geez. It would even help out the sales of the device that runs it.

This isn’t chopping samples but you do know you can “select all” and import a bunch of one shots and it auto chains them to make a kit (including slices)? Send a velvet noise to randomly trigger them or use Joes random gate and one of Joes random cv to select them. No external cv necessary, just play with the internal CV offsets on the sample player


FYI, the multi-sample (kit is a good term) is made without any slices that each constituent sample might have already. Upon creation it will only have a slice for each sample member. However, if you edit the slices of the multi-sample then those changes are persisted and kept with the multi-sample (assuming you save it). Another important point is that a multi-sample links to other samples but has its own copy of the slices.

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