Chromatic sample


Sorry for noob question but how do play i sample chromatically? If I connect my keystep and try to play a single piano note sample with the keys it doesn’t play a chromatic scale.


Can you describe where your keystep is sending pitch cv to

I send the pitch cv to the volt per octave in the sampler unit

If you load a standard osc unit and attach keystep cv, can that produce a 12 semitones scale?

Yeah it works fine then! It’s just with sampling. I tried with different units but they act the same. Do I need another unit I’m not aware of to get it to play in scale?

Place the focus cursor over the sample unit header and then press the button beneath it. Scroll down through the menu options and there might be a setting for playing even temperament pitch, I Think!

Hmmm. I use the vari-speed player but can’t find one. What sampler unit is best for this? I tried the grain and that acted the same

Hmmmm! I will plug mine in and have a go, give me 5 minutes and I come right back ok


Did you raise the gain of the The v/Oct

In the little screen? :slight_smile:

Yes but that’s ok. You might have a fault. Works here!

Are you getting any pitch control

Are you sending the pitch signal to one of the ABCDx inputs? Those are tuned for V/Oct. INx and Gx are not.

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Yeah but it’s not chromatic

Aaaaah that might be it!

Thank heavens for that ha ha​:pray::pray:

That was it, now it works perfectly! Thanks guys! Sorry for my noobiness :slight_smile:

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No problem. We are all noobs until we aren’t.


That’s Interesting! Worked ok on a standard osc unit, but, not for a sampler. Why is that I wonder?