Cirklon addressing sample slice in Variable Speed Player

I’ve read as much as I can find here and elsewhere on addressing sample slices, index, V/Oct etc in general. I’ve found using the Cirklon for this purpose to be time consuming. Is there a more scientific way of doing this besides arbitrarily adjusting gain +/- bias? Thanks.

Slice selection is a straight forward feature. Make sure you select the option in the sample player playback options unless of course you are trying to do some funky shit with that Cirklon box. Once you’ve selected ‘slice’ in the unit header make sure you raise the gain in the slice sub menu to allow voltage through and address whatever slices are set in your sample

not in front of my gear. but if i remember correctly i was using the 12tet option for slice selection
which results in regular half notes on the cirklon adressing slices on the er-301 one after the other.
this way you should be able to predictably adress your sample slices. with the cirklon i had also use
the micro delay unit of the er-301 to slightly delay the incoming triggers from the cirklon.


That’s a good point @mopoco, putting the udelay after the trigger does help with cv addressing.