Clappa! realtime clap maker :)

hello there! this is my first custom unit i feel to share.
i have scheduled to release my custom unit for the orchestration of multiple monophonic voices (based on analog shift registers and additional clock dividers and s&h) but given the actual routing paradigm a single custom unit upload is not enough (i’d have to use multiple global chains so the only ways to release it are 1)a quicksave or 2)multiple files + instructions) so i’ll wait for 0.4 to release it. (you can see my first efforts here: Kanonika 0.1 - Analog Shift Register 3 voice synth FIRST TEST)

anyway, this is clappa! a simple custom unit for the sound design of claps!
it is composed of a sound generator (white noise) and a lopass filter.
but the interesting part is the sculpting of the transients. i have approached the problem dividing the global level envelope in 2 parts: transients and tail. both “parts” are mixer channels that get summed and together control the level of the VCA.
the “transients” part is a velvet noise followed by an envelope follower and a vca controlled by an adsr.
the “tail” part is a simple adsr BUT it is preceded by a micro delay so it happens only AFTER the “transients” part.
here the list of local controls:

  • gate: here you can manually fire all envelopes or assign an external gate

  • hands: this controls the rate of the velvet noise generating denser or sparser mictrotransients at the beginning

  • decay: this controls the decay and release of the “tail” adsr. sustain is set to 0.

  • freq: cutoff of the lopass filter

  • q: resonance of the lopass filter

i think the fun part of clappa! is that you always have different transients given the random nature of the velvet noise unit, so it sounds pretty alive and unique. of course it is very simple,nothing ground breaking.
i’m not so good in precisely scaling signals so if anyone has suggestions, critiques, feedback of any type (friendly insults welcome :smiley: ) please write!
here it is, have fun!
created in firmware version 0.325
clappa!.lua (20.9 KB)


you can further control the shape by using the levels of the two mixer channels for “transients” and “tail”, changing the balance of the two parts. i tend to add some db to the transients part to give a bit more emphasis to that.


Immediate and fun. :slight_smile:


whoah thanks for the demo and your kind words @Joe!

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Are dot lua files better placed in “libs” or in v0.3\presets\custom-unit?


That’s the default when you save one, I think.

yes it is

I like that you don’t have to do much to it to get each one to sound a little different. So it doesn’t get repetitive. But it still sounds like a clap. Unless you push it to extreme settings like I did with the one instance. :slight_smile:

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yes, the filter resonance can definitely turn it into something else :slight_smile: also very low levels of Hands with very short decay…
anyway i think some of the internal parameters might be tweaked a lil better (i noticed for one that the Release parameter on the Transients adsr was set to 0…when the gates are really short this can be a problem…)
but overall i think is a little fun thinghie :slight_smile:
now i’m working to kicka! hatta! and breaka! so my caveman drum machine! will be complete :smiley:

dont forget that you can nest custom units. The most outer unit could contain custom controls with subchains mimicking whatever the global chains are doing. These can in turn be passed on to the custom units within, and assigned the same way as a global chain source.

ThenIf you save that outer most custom unit as the patch preset, everything within will be included and you have a single shareable preset file :slight_smile:


Clappa! this is great - some nice tone shaping features makes it really quick to get the sound you want.
I can get it quite zappy like a Korg MS-20 kick drum or hi hats playing with the decay - nice job :slight_smile:

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aaaah yes! thanks @NeilParfitt! i knew i was forgetting something!

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thanks!!! glad you like it :slight_smile: