Clean power source for single ER-301 and a RPI

I’d like to put the ER-301 in its own desktop case, probably a 3D printed enclosure, not a 4ms pod

I’m looking for a clean power source - possibly not a power module, only a circuit board w/ a barrel connector - for a single ER-301 also providing something on the 5V for the RPI.

In this little desktop box, I will also put a Raspberry Pi Zero W hosting Hans for Midi & OSC to I2c communications. No other Eurorack module. The Rpi is consumes approximately 200mA from the 5v rail.

Is there a small powering solution that you would recommend for this project ? Possibly a DIY project, clean power source, small footprint, external power brick, doesn’t have to be USB compatible for a mobile use but if it is, why not…

Thanks !

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Maybe this?

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Thanks for the link !
Yes this brand looks very interesting, high-end stuff but little bit out of my budget :slight_smile:

And I forgot to add that I’m not looking for a Eurorack module but more for a zero HP thing / circuit board that I would put in the case behind the ER-301.

Is there a technical reason why the traditional “Row Power” type modules wouldn’t be suitable, apart from the 0HP requirement? I had a 4MS Row Power 35 in my micro case, but just a few weeks ago I took it apart and build the barrel in the side of my case to make room for something else. I’m very happy with the mod, works splendidly. (although I didn’t manage to make the switch work, which is sad… I’m not a very experienced DIY’er!)

The recommended module above follows the same basic concept, but it’s more expensive as you mentioned! If price is a problem, go for Behringer CP-1. I have one and it does the trick. Pretty deep though, something to keep in mind.

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Ah yes, that’s a good idea, thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t think about taking apart a factory module but I guess that could work !

Yes, the brand suggested above by Waldemar seems really great and I guess I could do the same with it but yeah the price is a bit more that I would like to spend on such a DIY case.

I was about to ask for advice about the Behringer CP1, since you mention that it’s correct, I’ll add it to the list. Apparently out of stock until may though but the price is really correct, there’s no big risk in taking it apart :wink:

I’m gonna start to design the case in Fusion 360 and see which one fits best, based on the dimensions and depth.

Edit: That being said, the description of the ACL KAZU mentions an “exceptionally low noise floor” and since this is something I’m struggling with with my ER-301 (this is also a reason why I want to put the Sound Computer in its own case), I’m starting to wonder if it wouldn’t be worth getting this one…

Like I said, I’m not a very experienced DIY person, but so far I have done it with three modules: In/Out jacks from Intellijel, MIDI in/out for NErdseq and the 4MS power module. It’s not rocket science, just make sure the connections are unaltered and the module is safe inside the case (not touching the backside of other modules etc.) As this is a power modules some extra cautiousness is necessary. Make sure your wiring can handle the electrical current, better yet, ask someone who knows about this stuff :wink:

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I ordered today a ACL KAZU with the bush boards for hopefully to buy in the future a ER-301.

Apparently, there’s also a Kazu V2, even more expensive and without 5V output… :thinking:
I wonder if there are other differences between the two and if the Kazu V1 will be discontinued.
Which one did you get ?

Edit: V2 doesn’t have a 5v output but has 1500mA one the 12V, that seems to be the only difference between the two.

I will get the V2 version. i not need the 5V. And the main different as you say 1500mA instead of 1000mA.

But you can use this for 5V,

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Yes I didn’t know these 5v adapters but that’s a very good solution if the power source has no 5v rail. Thanks.

I haven’t made a decision yet regarding the power supply but I made a quick mock-up in fusion 360, using one of these 4hp modules would add 2 centimeters of depth to the case + security margin. I’m still thinking about it.

The Behringer is out of stock everywhere, they also claim to have a super low noise, it would have been interesting to try/compare with Kazu. I think I could try with a Kazu (I need to sell another module first :smile:) I could always use it in a regular case if it doesn’t fit in the tiny desktop box.

I made some research and found some zero HP DIY projects/boards. But I have no idea if they’re OK for a digital module in terms of noise. Has anyone tried the Frogleg and/or Frequency central ?

So… a month later… A quick report.

I finally found a Behringer CP1-A PSU at Thomann and used this for my DIY project instead of using a Kazu… It’s powering the Raspi and the ER-301 without issue.

I put it in a 3d printed case right under the Er-301 and it’s fine. I will post some photos of the full project in the Micro systems thread, I’m quite happy with the result :smiley:


Looks amazing!! Oh dear, compared to the butchery I have going on in my case :flushed: Well done!

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Hehe, thanks :wink: